Texturizers for African American Hair: Facts and Tips

Texturizers for African American Hair: Facts and Tips

There’s always a thing about African American hair. It’s unlike Asian or Caucasian. In fact, of all hair types, African American hair needs the utmost care. The shape and texture of hair differs in the shape of follicles. Asian hair, one of the strongest types of hair, grows super straight and solid with a perfectly round shaped hair follicle.

Meanwhile, hair follicles of Caucasians are oval in nature, which makes Caucasian hair wavy and slightly brittle compared to Asian hair. African American hair, on the other hand, has a hair follicle with a ragged shape. This causes African American hair to become curly and severely brittle. Thus, African American hair needs the utmost care.

Of texturizers and relaxers, of course, there’s a distinct difference. Relaxers are applied onto hair and rinsed after 20 minutes. This causes hair to become stick straight. Sometimes, if hair is not strong enough, it may break or cause split ends or frizz away. Meanwhile, texturizers are applied and rinsed only after 8 minutes. The result may not give you stick-straight hair. However, the risk of damage is lessened.

texturizers-for-african-american-hair-softenerIf you have African American hair, it is best to settle for the less damaging. Texturizers may soften your hair a bit, but it will only straighten it up a little. From curly, it may go wavy. Nevertheless, it’s a safer way. Relaxers and texturizers are almost the same. Both have calcium hydroxide. The said ingredient is seen in many hair relaxers.

If you decide to settle for the milder reagent, it is still important to be cautious. African American hair is sensitive to traction alopecia, chemical damage, hair breakage and much more. It is still important to be vigilant. When using texturizer, be sure to read the labels. Do not be conceived by false advertising. After all, it still contains lye, sodium hydroxide, and calcium hydroxide.


Revlon Colorstay Lipstick Honest Review

Revlon Colorstay Lipstick Honest Review

Revlon Color Stay Lipstick, nevertheless, is a must-have for women. The pink stain can be invitingly charming. The velvety feel can be rich. However, what’s the perks for this product among women? Here is a compilation of what women usually say about Revlon Colorstay.

It can be drying. Most women say that the product is drying to the lips. Some women even admit applying clear gloss on top to let their lips look hydrated a bit. And some women tend to apply petrolatum after removing the product because of its ‘dehydrating’ nature. However, although adding another task in applying lipstick, most women admit they don’t mind. It’s okay for them to apply some hydrating moisturizer or gloss a bit and is completely satisfied with Revlon Colorstay. Some even say that Revlon is two shades warmer for the most. It is two shades brighter for some, two shades warmer for others, two shades pinker, two shades darker, etc. Nevertheless, most are entranced by the lovely colors this lipstick brings. Two shades different is always fine.

Most say it’s perfect for an ‘everyday’ wear. It may not be ‘glam-potential’ or ‘Hollywood-like’ but most women love it because it is a comfortable and easy wear. They admit there’s no need to sparkle or get an eye-snatching look just to go to the grocery. This lipstick is simple, and that’s what women love about it. On the other hand, some women claim that using gloss on top may reduce the transfer resistance of the product. Of course, lip gloss contains oil and it may interfere with whatever lasting compound there is in lipstick. Thus, some women suggest that it is best to let it dry first, before putting on clear gloss.

revlon-colorstay-lipstick-honest-review-tomatoSome women also claim that the product has minimal scent to go with. It has little scent which is gone the moment the product dries. Apparently, most women don’t mind.

Hot Oil Treatment for African American Hair: Facts and Tips

Hot Oil Treatment for African American Hair: Facts and Tips

The African American hair is undeniably unique. It has a unique structure and significantly differs from any other hair type. Of all kinds of strands, it is the most brittle, highly fragile, and is terribly prone to injury and damage. Ironically, African Americans love to style their hair. Famous African American hairstyle includes the braid and afro.

Doing artistic hairstyle with scalp-tight braids can likely result to unwanted hair traction alopecia. Moreover, hair extensions can do the same – this happened to supermodel Naomi Campbell, she used to have a bald spot due to traction alopecia when she had to many hair extensions.

Hot oil is a safe way to soften hair. Those with African American hair need to take extra care of their mane. It is too unique to be neglected. When using hot oil treatment, never forget to use special hydrating moisturizers and conditioners. Use shampoos that are specifically intended for African American hair. Don’t use products that contain sulfates or sodium lauryl. Be reminded that shampoos containing sodium lauryl can sap away moisture in your hair. Most of the shampoos nowadays have sodium lauryl and it is intended for normal regular hair. African American hair has special needs and it can only be satisfied with shampoos intended for that type of hair. Moreover, use hair products that only contain natural ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, aloe vera juice, glycerine. In terms of conditioners, use products that have hydrolysed proteins, panthenol, amino acids, and wheat proteins.

hot-oil-treatment-for-african-american-hair-royaleWhen it comes to frequency, hot oil treatment should be used at least twice a month. Hot oil treatment is best to preserve the hair’s elasticity and add moisture. Moreover, relaxers should only be applied by a professional hair stylist to ensure safety and prevent damage. Moreover, touch ups using relaxers should not exceed more than 8 to 12 weeks. Doing so will cause hair breakage and further damage.

Meanwhile, hair ironing should not exceed once a week. Only ceramic combs or irons can be used for African American hair. Be sure that the iron is not too hot and your straightening iron must have a temperature dial to regulate your hair iron.

hot-oil-treatment-for-african-american-hair-peppermintTo add, braids should never be too tight. Same goes for weaves or cornrows. Remember traction alopecia. It is indeed possible in the long run. At the slightest sign of hair thinning, consult a dermatologist immediately to evaluate the texture and appearance of your hair and to treat it as early as possible for alopecia.

Hot Oil Treatment for African American Hair: Facts and Tips

Is Olive Oil Good for the Skin: Top 7 Facts

Is Olive Oil Good for the Skin: Top 7 Facts

1. Nature of olive oil. Olive oil is the oil derived from pressing whole olives. Olive is a traditional tree crop of the Meditteranean Basin. It is a common name in cooking, cosmetology, pharmaceuticals, as well as in the many products circulating in the market nowadays. Olive oil is common among Meditteranean countries. Greece has the highest consumption of it per person.

2. Olive oil in history. Olive oil has its fair share in ancient history. It has been considered one of the miracle medicine to most ailments in the olden times. It is a cuisine must in most European countries – from the Mesopotamian times, down to Syrian, and then to popularity in the Greek and Roman cuisine.

3. Treatment to acne. Olive oil is packed with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Some folks make olive oil paste by mixing 4 tablespoons of salt with 3 tablespoons of olive oil. This combination forms into an exfoliating scrub – best known to clear skin of acne and other impurities in the skin.

4. Shaving cream substitute. Most people shave and suffer from nips and cuts. However, olive oil has a thick consistency that it cannot allow it. Olive oil helps the blade glide over your skin without cutting it.

is-olive-oil-good-for-the-skin-virgin5. Clean greasy hands. Of course, it is definitely hard to remove oil from your hands. It is also a fact that water and oil don’t mix, thus there is no point in washing your hands over running water. Moreover, using a surfactant such as soap may help but olive oil can do it for you in a jiffy.

6. Types of olive oil. There are a lot of olive oils in the market nowadays. These are extra-virgin olive oil. Virgin olive oil, refined olive oil, and olive pomace oil.

7. Conclusion. Olive oil can do many wonders for the skin. It can also help the skin heal against many forms of skin conditions. It has hydrating effects that may actually alleviate skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and many more.


Lemon and Honey for Skin: Facts and Tips

Lemon and Honey for Skin: Facts and Tips

Lemon and honey is probably one of the best combinations there is – especially when used for the skin. Lemon’s exfoliating ability is astonishing and honey’s curative properties are equally outstanding. When used together, the two creates a tag team of  a powerful skin vitamin.

First and foremost, what does lemon do? Lemon juice is one of the most potent exfoliating chemical there is. In fact, it is considered as the best natural exfoliating chemical. Is there a need to exfoliate the skin? Yes, in fact, the skin needs to be exfoliated at least once in a week. Over time, skin dulls off, dies and becomes dead skin cells. This causes the skin to look drab, dry, and dull. To prevent the three Ds you need to remove dead skin cell. The best way to do this is to exfoliate. Exfoliating can not only remove dead skin cells but it can also kill harmful bacteria, de-clog pores, remove dried-up makeup, and reveal new skin underneath. Lemon juice is also effective in lightening dark spots as well as scars. The key to successful exfoliating is to not overdo it. Moreover, pair it up with a moisturizing combination – as that of honey.

lemon-and-honey-for-skin-lotionHoney also has its perks. It is probably the best healing agent there is. It has been likened as the key to eternal youth, the manna of the gods, and it has been used from ancient times as a miracle cure to almost anything. Honey does not have any expiration date and is made through pure nature’s wonders. Honey also works best as a good facial scrub or a facial mask especially after exfoliation using lemon juice. You can also pair it together to have a powerful cleansing combo. Honey has  potent anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal properties that can help rid your skin of breakouts, zits, pimples, and other skin conditions.