Texturizers for African American Hair: Facts and Tips

Texturizers for African American Hair: Facts and Tips

There’s always a thing about African American hair. It’s unlike Asian or Caucasian. In fact, of all hair types, African American hair needs the utmost care. The shape and texture of hair differs in the shape of follicles. Asian hair, one of the strongest types of hair, grows super straight and solid with a perfectly round shaped hair follicle.

Meanwhile, hair follicles of Caucasians are oval in nature, which makes Caucasian hair wavy and slightly brittle compared to Asian hair. African American hair, on the other hand, has a hair follicle with a ragged shape. This causes African American hair to become curly and severely brittle. Thus, African American hair needs the utmost care.

Of texturizers and relaxers, of course, there’s a distinct difference. Relaxers are applied onto hair and rinsed after 20 minutes. This causes hair to become stick straight. Sometimes, if hair is not strong enough, it may break or cause split ends or frizz away. Meanwhile, texturizers are applied and rinsed only after 8 minutes. The result may not give you stick-straight hair. However, the risk of damage is lessened.

texturizers-for-african-american-hair-softenerIf you have African American hair, it is best to settle for the less damaging. Texturizers may soften your hair a bit, but it will only straighten it up a little. From curly, it may go wavy. Nevertheless, it’s a safer way. Relaxers and texturizers are almost the same. Both have calcium hydroxide. The said ingredient is seen in many hair relaxers.

If you decide to settle for the milder reagent, it is still important to be cautious. African American hair is sensitive to traction alopecia, chemical damage, hair breakage and much more. It is still important to be vigilant. When using texturizer, be sure to read the labels. Do not be conceived by false advertising. After all, it still contains lye, sodium hydroxide, and calcium hydroxide.


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