Lemon and Honey for Skin: Facts and Tips

Lemon and Honey for Skin: Facts and Tips

Lemon and honey is probably one of the best combinations there is – especially when used for the skin. Lemon’s exfoliating ability is astonishing and honey’s curative properties are equally outstanding. When used together, the two creates a tag team of  a powerful skin vitamin.

First and foremost, what does lemon do? Lemon juice is one of the most potent exfoliating chemical there is. In fact, it is considered as the best natural exfoliating chemical. Is there a need to exfoliate the skin? Yes, in fact, the skin needs to be exfoliated at least once in a week. Over time, skin dulls off, dies and becomes dead skin cells. This causes the skin to look drab, dry, and dull. To prevent the three Ds you need to remove dead skin cell. The best way to do this is to exfoliate. Exfoliating can not only remove dead skin cells but it can also kill harmful bacteria, de-clog pores, remove dried-up makeup, and reveal new skin underneath. Lemon juice is also effective in lightening dark spots as well as scars. The key to successful exfoliating is to not overdo it. Moreover, pair it up with a moisturizing combination – as that of honey.

lemon-and-honey-for-skin-lotionHoney also has its perks. It is probably the best healing agent there is. It has been likened as the key to eternal youth, the manna of the gods, and it has been used from ancient times as a miracle cure to almost anything. Honey does not have any expiration date and is made through pure nature’s wonders. Honey also works best as a good facial scrub or a facial mask especially after exfoliation using lemon juice. You can also pair it together to have a powerful cleansing combo. Honey has  potent anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal properties that can help rid your skin of breakouts, zits, pimples, and other skin conditions.


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