Black Castor Oil Benefits: Top 10 Facts

black-castor-oil-benefitsBlack Castor Oil Benefits: Top 10 Facts

1. Castor oil is flooded with benefits not only for the skin or for hair, but for overall health as well. Castor oil can be used as soothing massage oil suitable for those with arthritis and other nerve inflammations. It can also be used for osteoarthritis, joint pains, injuries, and other muscle-related illness.

2. Castor oil is best known as an effective laxative for those suffering from prolonged constipation. It has been used for geron patients or for those who has had a heart attack or stroke. Constipation is a terrible thing as it may cause pressure and cause recurrent heart attack or stroke. Castor oil is a good remedy for this as it relieves constipation.

3. When it comes to fungal infections, castor oil is a ready remedy. It is infused with decylenic acid which can be used as treatment to any form of fungal infection.

4. Skin infections can also be treated with castor oil because of its antiseptic as well as antibacterial component.


5. Apart from epidermal conditions, castor oil is also helpful in dealing with oil gland problems such as problems in the eyelid or any sort of inflammation in oil glands. Castor oil has antibacterial properties that can combat bacteria and other organisms in the affected area.

6. When it comes to aesthetics, castor oil also has its perks. It has been known to reduce wrinkles and fine lines as well as works as a good emollient to hydrate skin and lock in moisture.

7. The reason for the wondrous benefits of castor oil is that it is a vegetable oil derived from pressing the seeds of castor plant. It is a triglyceride with a whopping 90% fatty acid chains that are ricinoleate.

8. Other significant found in castor oil apart from ricinoleate are oleate and linoleates.


9. Castor oil has been used as a potent ingredient in most soaps, lubricants, pharmaceutical products and even perfume. There are also notions that castor oil can help thicken hair. Not exactly thicken it in size but helps make an illusion of thicker hair. Castor oil is dense and thick in consistency. Moreover, it has an almost glue-like consistency that sticks to hair easily. This will cause an illusion of thicker hair. Castor oil can also be used in eyelash curlers, and brow brushes to thicken hair.

10. Castor oil is a wondrous product with many wondrous benefits. It is affordable, cheap, and contains most of the benefits found in other natural products and essential oils.

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