Amla Oil Benefits for African American Hair

amla-oil-benefits-for-african-american-hairAmla Oil Benefits for African American Hair

Aside from the traditional castor oil and coconut oil, here’s another addition to the oil family for hair care. Amla oil has been used for years and it has been known for its numerous benefits to hair. Imagine having long, straight, and silky hair. Here are three amazing ways on how to apply amla oil on hair for maximum hair conditioning.

Amla oil is likened to a hair conditioner best applied after shampooing. You can also substitute your old conditioner for amla oil. To apply simply lather it up and apply to hair. Make sure you saturated your hair from roots to tips. Gather a handful of the oil and massage onto hair. After applying, cover your hair with a shower cap and leave for 15 minutes or more. The longer it stays on your hair, the better conditioning it has. Rinse thereafter with lukewarm water. This procedure helps lock in moisture in the strands not to mention nourishing the roots of your hair with vital nutrients it need.

Another good way to apply amla oil is when you have a bad case of dandruff. Amla oil is good in hydrating your scalp. To apply amla oil, simply rub the oil onto your scalp. This will relieve a dry and itchy scalp as well as get rid of dandruff. Leave for 15 minutes or more. Moreover, you can also leave the application overnight, use an old t-shirt or shower cap to prevent staining your pillow or bed sheet. Amla oil may have a strong musky smell – thus it is not advised to be used as a leave on conditioner or styling product.

Although amla oil is not a usually heard-of product, it is being rampantly used in shampoos and hair treatment products. It can also be seen in hair powders. Thus, some people combine amla powder with warm water to procure a paste-like consistency blend to apply onto hair. Amla oil is one of the most nourishing oils there is. To apply, simply clean hair first by shampooing it. Then apply generously from roots to tips. Saturate every strand with the product, leave for a couple of minutes then rinse. This amla powder and water combination will help soften your hair and thicken it – it would also work best for those who have thinning hair. Amla oil is painstakingly available from the grocery to the drugstore. You can also purchase ready-made amla oil hair care products.


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