Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth: Top 10 Facts

Here are ten facts about black castor oil for hair growth that you might find helpful.

1. Baldness can never be prevented. You can blame it all on genetics. There can never be any preventive measure to stop failing follicles from falling. Moreover, there are a lot of hair products that may contribute to early baldness. Add in shampoo. Most shampoos contain sodium lauryl, a product that can contribute to hair breakage, falling hair, and eventually to early baldness.


2. You can also blame baldness on your hairstylist. Too much traction like in ponytails, pigtails, or braids can cause traction alopecia. Hair extensions can be one of the culprits too. Wear your hair down, especially if you have thin hair. Again, blame it on genetics.

3. There are some notion that castor oil can help thicken hair. For starters, castor oil is natural oil. Other natural oils are shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil. Seeing such would root down to the thought that natural oils are deep moisturizers and hydrating substances.


4. Castor oil is composed of fatty acids. Fatty acids are bound and do not actually behave like acids at all. To cut the long story short, castor oil’s dominant fatty acid is ricinoleic acid.

5. There is not direct study that can link castor oil with hair thickening. Moreover, castor oil does not even come close to becoming an interest in the study of hair thickening.

6. Although the fatty acids in castor oil resembles that of coconut and olive oil but it is not directly associated to hair thickness at all.

7. There are some pictures that tell that rubbing castor oil on the scalp can stimulate hair growth. However, it is not solely because castor oil is effective, it is because that rubbing the scalp alone can stimulate hair growth.


8. What about the claims that castor oil is effective? Castor oil naturally sticks to hair than any other oil there is. The oil causes an illusion of thickness. Anyone who has used castor oil can tell how thick and viscous the product is.

9. Moreover, castor oil can stick like soft glue. It cannot easily transfer and it may be inviting to dust and other particles to stick to the strands, causing the illusion of thick hair.

10. Castor oil can be promising when it comes to camouflaging a bald spot. However, there is no direct scientific explanation or link that can relate castor oil to hair thickening. There are a lot of hair products out there that can help thicken hair, add in frequent scalp massage to stimulate hair growth.


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