Best 5 Essential Oils for Deodorants

best-essential-oils-for-deodorantsWhat are the best essential oils for deodorant? Deodorant is, undeniably, one of the most important things to wear in everyday life. Here are the best essential oils for your deodorant.

If you plan in making your own deodorant – with coconut oil and essential oil – it pays to know the best products there are to use in your homemade essential. Essential oils are good because it helps put the proper moisture into the product. What are the tips to make deodorant essential oils? Here are the best essential oils for deodorant that you can use when making homemade deodorant.

5. Frankincense. This essential oil is one of the most classic there is. It has a warm exotic aroma frequently used as stress relief oil. Apart from smelling great, it is proven to be useful as topical treatment for damaged tissue and scars. As an oil for a deodorant, it is sweet smelling, earthy, and topically beneficial.

4. Lavender. This oil is known as a “universal oil”. It is an earthy and calming oil with a soft floral scent good for the body and the skin. Some users of lavender use this healing oil as soothing treatment to painful joints and legs.Some, on the other hand, use this product as antiseptic to wounds, cuts, bug bites and the such. As a deo oil, it is one of the best to use in your homemade product.

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3. Rose. There couldn’t be anything as sweet smelling as a rose. Although costly, rose is one of the best therapeutic oils there is. It can be used to treat eczema and even menopausal problems. The reason behind rose oil’s skyrocketing price is due to the extraction process of over 60,000 roses to produce an ounce of rose oil.


2. Chamomile. This oil has been used in any product to procure a sweet and relaxing scent and feel. There are two types of chamomile. One is the Roman variety generally used for relaxation purposes and the other one is the German variety, used for the treatment of irritation and inflammation of the skin.

1. Vanilla. This oil has, probably, the most distinct scent there is. Vanilla procures a homey, soft scent that is therapeutic in any way. Vanilla is the closest scent to milk – which can be stimulating and relaxing in any way. Vanilla is also good for the skin. It helps the skin relax and assist in easing out sore pores and skin cells. This is one of the best essential oils for deodorant.

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