Should You Pop an Ingrown Hair? Tips and Facts

should-you-pop-an-ingrown-hairShould you pop an ingrown hair? Despite precautions and safety protocols, ingrown hairs had to happen. Here are tips and facts when you get one.

First and foremost, hair is a vital part in the body. In the olden days, hair and even body hair is helpful in insulating a person during cold winter months. However, when artificial heating systems came and fur coats are manufactured, people deemed the thought that hair – facial and body – don’t have the exact charm like it did before. Thus, shaving, plucking, waxing, depilation, and even laser surgery came to existence. By removing laser surgery, you are left with the most common hair removal techniques – that’s where ingrown hairs had to happen. Should you pop an ingrown hair?

It is important to know that ingrown hairs are strands that grow under the skin. Hair follicles often reach as deep as into the epidermal area and a hair strand can be stuck as deep as that. How to know if you have an ingrown hair? There are two types: superficial and deep ingrown hair. Superficial ones don’t cause a problem – except when it gets infected which does not always happen. Deep ones are usually follicles where infection and pus accumulates. Deep epidermal layer may consider a stuck ingrown hair as a foreign intruder and regularly attacks it. A deep ingrown hair can be painful, itchy, and sometimes may have pus. A golden rule in popping an ingrown hair: sterility first.

should-you-pop-an-ingrown-hair-lighteningPopping is not like your conventional incision and drainage surgery – although it may resemble like it. If the ingrown hair is superficial, simply apply hot compress until the hair pops out. Hot compress allows the pores to widen thus allowing hair to come out. Another technique is exfoliation. Sometimes, trapped hair only needs a little nudge for it to come out. Ingrown hairs always occur in armpit hair.

When it comes to deep ingrown hair, you need a more vigilant approach. You can utilize the methods above but the most important thing to do is to remove that trapped hair. You may wait for days to let the hair grow out but there are certain ingrown ones that grow underneath. Some ingrown hairs can grow up to as long as 2-3 inches under the skin. Moreover, multiple strands may grow in only one follicle. The best thing to do is clean the area first with a potent antiseptic. Use a match or candle to sterilize a needle and gently insert it into the sore pore. Search through the pore and let the needle rotate before pulling it out. You’ll be surprised at how long or how much ingrown hairs there are. Now, should you pop an ingrown hair? By all means, yes!

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