How to Get Sunken Cheeks? Top 5 Tips

how-to-get-sunken-cheeksHow to get sunken cheeks? Sunken cheeks, in the modelling world as well as outside of it, are currently the newest trend in fashion. Here’s how to have sunken cheeks the easy way.

First and foremost, you don’t have to diet like crazy to have it sunk like model celebs do. To add, you don’t have to undergo strenuous surgical intervention just to suck out all the fat in your cheeks. Sometimes, an illusion is all you need. You don’t have to go overboard or make drastic decisions. Sometimes, all you need is a palette of blush-ons, the right style, the right hair, and the right makeup to create that perfect illusion – even if you have chubby cheeks. Here’s how to have sunken cheeks and how to GET sunken cheeks.

1. First and foremost, getting the perfect pair of sunken cheeks need a collaboration of makeup, the hair you have, the clothes you wear, and the accessories you use. The perfect illusion you’ll need is to get everything look vertical – thus elongating your face.

2. When it comes to makeup, put on a matte foundation all over your face. Then begin contouring by highlighting the cheek bones while darkening your way toward your mandible. You need to choose the perfect blush or bronzer to create a “natural” look. Choose two shades that goes one notch lower than your foundation color. Highlight the T-zone as well as your cheekbone. Emphasize your chin creating the “long face” illusion.

how-to-get-sunken-cheeks-aveeno3. Choose your hair. A better way to looking all thin and slim is to wear your hair down. You need to have long straight hair to create this look. You can achieve this by having your hair straightened with a straightening iron or chemically treated in a salon. Part your hair at the center and let it loose at the sides. Cover the outer half of your cheeks with your hair.

4. When it comes to clothing, go for plunging necklines. Never choose a turtleneck or a round-neck shirt – this cuts your head and neck blankly – giving emphasis to your round face. Go for vertical stripes.

5. In terms of accessories, never wear short necklaces – especially chokers. Go for long necklaces with a small pendant. In terms of pendant, don’t go for huge rounds. Rather, choose long ones to accentuate your “supposedly” long face. Don’t wear big scruffy hats, it’s important to expose your forehead. These are exactly what you need to do when it comes to tips on how to get sunken cheeks.

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