Top 5 Black Hair Salons in Philadelphia

What are the top black hair salons in Philadelphia? Hair salons can mean two things: a salon that does what you tell them to do, and a salon that does best even if you don’t tell them.

top-black-hair-salons-in-philadelphiaWhat are the top black hair salons in Philadelphia? The hair salon is the beauty haven for any woman aspiring to look and feel good. Salons can either do what you tell them to do, or will do what you don’t tell them to do but you come out satisfied. Salons are equipped with stylists that not only put makeup on you or fix your hair, but have beauty experts that will give you what they deem will look good on you. Now, when it comes to Philadelphia, here are the best salons for black people in Philadelphia along with the other top black hair salons in Philadelphia.

Top 5 Black Hair Salons in Philadelphia: 5-3

5. Neway. This salon is in a cool corner of Chinatown. When it comes to affordability, this is your salon. However, there might be some problems with communication since the salon is settled in Chinatown.

4. AnBrea’s Salon. This salon is safely settled in the East Falls neighbourhood. You can basically take the train to Manayunk station and have a nice short ten minute walk to the salon. When it comes to cost, the price really is not that bad. A wash, trim, style, and blowout costs $75. A lot of women have recommended not only the salon but the friendly stylists there as well.

3. Orchid. You’ll totally feel like an orchid at this comfy salon in Spruce Hill. Upon entering, you’ll see the avid smiles of the friendly stylists and you’d get to see their portfolios to know how good they are. They will also offer you amazing hairstyles and unimaginably amazing hair twists.


Top 5 Black Hair Salons in Philadelphia: 2-1

2. Salon Two. This salon is located at Limekiln Pike and is well rated by customers and employees alike. According to reviews, this salon has experts that give you exactly what you want as well as what fits you best. The stylists at Salon Two aim to give its customers the right hairstyle that they want and fit their face best.

1. Texture Hair Salon. This beauty is the best rated salon by customers, hair experts, and hair salon addicts. This salon has, so far, not received any negative feedback from any client and has been rated with the most stars in any review. The stylists not only have amazing skills but they have innovative hairstyles that brings out the uniqueness of the salon. This, by far, is one of the top black hair salons in Philadelphia.

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