Do Reading Glasses Cause Dark Circles? Top 10 Facts

reading-glasses-cause-dark-circlesDo reading glasses cause dark circles? Here are ten fun facts about the mysterious semicircle under your eyes.

Do reading glasses cause dark circles? Most people would probably notice – and agree – that people who tend to use glasses have a dark semicircle underneath the eyes. Some say it looks like a pair of heavy eye bags. However, here are the true reasons about where dark under eyes come from. Can wearing glasses cause bags under eyes? Here are ten facts regarding the question: do reading glasses cause dark circles?

1. One of the causes of dark circles under the eyes is the lack of sleep. People who tend to sleep less often have dark circles under the eyes.

2. Fatigue and stress are also one of the leading causes of dark under eyes.

do-reading-glasses-cause-dark-circles3. If the body does not have enough oxygen in the blood – as in the case of anemia or low red blood cell count – the body becomes pale and the periorbital area in the eyes sink making it look like you have a shade of eye shadow underneath your eyes.

4. It can also be familial. Genetics may also do its part. There are people with dark under eyes – as in the case of Middle Eastern people wherein the dark circles in their eyes are caused by their broad nose bridges and eye bridges.

5. Nasal congestion can also contribute to such dilemma. Flu, allergy, and other such nasal conditions can cause dark circles.

6. Another reason for dark circles under the eyes is due to skin dryness. If your skin is not healthy enough, or is dry, you are at risk for developing dark under eyes as well as eczema if you do not address such problem.

7. Aging can also contribute to such dilemma. The skin loses elasticity due to the decreased production of collagen.

8. When it comes to the question on dark circles being related to wearing eye glasses, there is no known proof that such correlation exists. There are many causes for the dark circles but there’s no exact fact that tells about eye glasses causing it.


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9. However, it has been seen that people wearing eye glasses often strain their eyes – due to reading, looking through the lens of their glasses, or simply by wearing it at all. This causes strain the eyes which may possibly contribute to the appearance of eye bags or dark circles under the eyes.

10. However, such correlation has not been proven by doctors or researchers in the field of cosmetics or ophthalmology. Now, do reading glasses cause dark circles? There’s no known fact that proves such relation.

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