How to Hide a Double Chin with Makeup? Top 5 Tips

hide-double-chin-makeupHow to hide a double chin with makeup? It is definitely hard to lose fat pads especially underneath the chin. It’s easy to lose around the waist but the chin is a hard part.

How to hide a double chin with makeup? Having a flair of artistry can help you a lot in modifying, highlighting, and even concealing some ugly parts in your overall look. Having a double chin can be quite devastating. A few nods and changes in your position, then it show. Worse, your double chin constantly shows even if you put your head in normal position. Here are top five ways on how to disguise a double chin with makeup. How to hide a double chin with makeup? Here are the ways.

1. First and foremost, you need to stick with a primer as solid base to get all your makeup in place. Put on a foundation that works well with your skin color. It’s best to choose a foundation that works well during daylight as well as in night light. To know how much to put, put it on broad daylight, so you’d know if you had enough or too little to make it noticeable. Put highlights on your T zone especially on your chin – the outer chin. Moreover, put on a shade darker hue on your inner chin.

2. Look for a good hairstyle. Long hair is the recommended hair length when it comes to concealing your double chin. Pack up on volume since thick hair can help cover those folds.

how-hide-double-chin-makeup3. To get more desired effect, curl your hair in such a way that it curl inwards at the front. Such curls will add concealing effect to the double chin that you have.

4. When it comes to your outfit, never pick something that goes way up high on your neckline. Never go for collared shirts. Moreover, go for outfits that hang low or have a low neckline. Go for clothes that expose your shoulders too. Expose your broad shoulders to add weight to your sides and not on your neckline.


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5. When it comes to accessories, never go for chokers, big pendants, or accessories that make your neck look fatter and heavier. When it comes to overall look, expose extra skin to add distribute the weight to the other parts. With the combined makeup, clothing, and hairstyle, you’re sure that you can conceal your unwanted fat pads under your chin. This is how to hide a double chin with makeup.

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