What Does Hydrogen Peroxide Do To Teeth? Top 10 Facts

hydrogen-peroxide-do-teethWhat does hydrogen peroxide do to teeth? It is indeed important to have that million watt smile. Of course, having white teeth is a start. Here are some facts about hydrogen peroxide.

What does hydrogen peroxide do to teeth? Everybody wants to have white teeth. Moreover, how to know if your teeth is white enough? Simply look in a mirror and smile – showing your teeth. Your teeth must match the color of your sclera – the white in your eyeballs. Moreover, brush your teeth. The color of your teeth must match the color of the suds of the toothpaste. The color can be a shade or two lower but if it’s distinctively different, you need to do something. Now, does hydrogen peroxide whiten teeth? What does hydrogen peroxide do to teeth?

1. Hydrogen peroxide is a weak acid. It is a powerful bleaching agent as well as a potent antiseptic.

2. As an antiseptic, it can cure sore throat as well as clean open wounds.

hydrogen-peroxide-do-teeth-whitening3. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the many ingredients you can find in toothpaste, mouth wash as well as any other dental product.

4. Is it safe? As a regular ingredient, it is proven to be safe for use. Dentists have been using the ingredient for years – even decades.

5. When it comes to concentration, hydrogen peroxide must be kept to a minimum. The recommended concentration should be in bet


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ween 2% to 10%. Concentration is important since the recommended range is enough to give effects in a safe yet effective manner.

6. The use of hydrogen peroxide has been recommended by the American Dental Association as one of the safest ways to whiten skin.

7. Hydrogen peroxide is also good as a mouthwash since it has antiseptic properties that can cleanse teeth and get rid of bacteria and plaque.

8. When it comes to downside, it may not prove effective to people with sensitive gums as concentrated hydrogen peroxide can cause gums to swell or be irritated.

9. If your gums are easily irritated by hydrogen peroxide, it is important to consult a dentist. It is important to ask advice so that your dentist can tell you if you can pursue the home treatment or stop it at all.

10. Overall, hydrogen peroxide is a safe way to whiten teeth. It has been proven by dentists to be 100% safe to use. Now, what does hydrogen peroxide do to teeth? It has whitening, antiseptic, and overall cleansing abilities to give you your much wanted million watt smile.

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