Does Nicotine Cause Wrinkles? Top 10 Facts

does-nicotine-cause-wrinklesDoes nicotine cause wrinkles? Smokers love the smell of cigarette smoke and how it enters the body. However, give it around 10 to 20 years from now, what are the staggering effects it has for you?

Does nicotine case wrinkles? Not only will it cause you lung cancer, throat cancer, tongue cancer, and all the possible cancers to date but it will also cause you a lot of minor problems. Although scientists have been listing all the possible effects of smoking but people continue using it – no matter how they’ve been warned. Even manufacturers also felt the need to warn smokers to, with the odd cliché “smoking is dangerous to your health”. However like manufacturers alike, they thrive in good money. Now, to ladies, does smoking really cause wrinkles? Here are 10 facts on the question: does nicotine cause wrinkles?

1. Marlboro may be the top selling brand for today but rejuvenating creams will be in the next decades.

2. The verdict, science has proven – a lot of times – that smoking will cause wrinkles even at the tender age of 25.

does-nicotine-really-cause-wrinkles3. Here’s a quick pedagogy on the physiology of smoking. As you take a sip of your cigarette, nicotine enters your lungs and adheres to the lung wall.

4. Nicotine causes a lot of effects – circulatory, respiratory, neurological, and a lot more. Focusing on respiratory, nicotine travels like oxygen into the alveolar sac.

5. Nicotine destroys the lungs in a way that it cannot absorb oxygen into the body. The oxygen-carrying blood cells – the RBCs – deliver a lot less oxygen as well as nutrients to the cells.

6. Moreover, nicotine travels with the RBCs and invades the cells. Nicotine causes a deluge of toxins and free radicals to the cells. However, the cells give a last stand. Unfortunately, if you regularly smoke, cells choke out and settle for slavery.


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7. The cells don’t give out its usual glow anymore. It grows tired because it does not receive the needed oxygen it demands. The cells begin to slow down on everything – proliferation, healing, turnover, and much about everything.

8. With the impeded functioning of the cells, the lungs too have its detriment. Without the needed oxygen to deliver to the body, alveolar sacs atrophy or lose functions. The organs, too, begin to get their fair share of less oxygen.

9. The skin, in a matter of years of chain smoking, loses its ability to form collagen as well as binding proteins to keep skin elastic. The skin sags, and before you know it, you’ve aged a whopping 20 years older than your age.

10. This is often irreversible, since the effects have sunk deep in the systemic circulation. Cream wouldn’t help unless the core problem is addressed. Doctors exhibited pictures of twins – a non-smoker and a smoker – and presented the difference between the two. Now, does nicotine cause wrinkles? There’s no doubt it will.

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