How to Make Deodorant with Coconut Oil? Top 7 Tips

how-to-make-deodorant-with-coconut-oilHow to make deodorant with coconut oil? There’s nothing like an organic product made from organic ingredients. Here are top seven tips on how to make deodorant with coconut oil.

How to make deodorant with coconut oil? There are a lot of deodorants in the market today. If you read the label of your favorite deodorant, you will see that there are too much synthetic ingredients, chemicals, and compounds that you are not quite familiar with. Is there any homemade coconut oil deodorant recipe? Here are seven tips on how to make deodorant with coconut oil.

1. First and foremost, gather the following ingredients: coconut oil, beeswax, baking soda, arrow root, and palmarosa essential oil. All the ingredients can be bought at your local drugstore. Better yet, such ingredients can be seen in your local grocery store.

2. It is best to choose organic ingredients. Don’t buy coconut oil that comes in a container with a label that lists a lot of synthetic ingredients.

how-make-deodorant-with-coconut-oil3. For the procedure, take 6 grams of beeswax and place it in a heat-resistant bowl. Put the bowl over a pan of simmering water. Put it on low heat so that the beeswax melts gently.

4. Take 40 grams of coconut oil and gradually add it to the beeswax. Stir until the two ingredients are blended.

5. Remove the pan and add 35 grams of baking soda, 15 grams of arrow-root, and around 20 drops of essential oil. Palmarosa essential oil is a good find. However, you can use any other essential oil that fits you best.

6. Gently blend all the ingredients until you obtain a cream consistency. Take the product and put it in a jar. Better yet, put it in an empty deo stick. There’s a benefit if you don’t discard empty deo sticks immediately, you can use it for further projects just like this.

how-make-deodorant-coconut-oil7. Let your new deodorant air dry and y ou may apply it as you please. You may notice with commercial deodorants prohibiting you to apply such deodorants if you have wounds on your armpit – which is very common if you shave or wax. Applying deo on wounds might irritate your skin and cause it to darken. Meanwhile, this organic and all-natural deodorant is perfect since you may apply it on wound. The coconut oil in your new deo has moisturizing and healing properties so you don’t have to worry about irritation. These seven steps will teach you how to make deodorant with coconut oil.

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