What Does Zinc Oxide Do for Skin? Top 7 Facts

What-Does-Zinc-Oxide-Do-SkinWhat does Zinc Oxide do for our skin? We all know that Zinc Oxide is one of the commonly used vitamins for skin. It has many benefits for all types of skin. It’s also effective as a food supplement to provide additional vitamin to our foods.

To begin with, our skin needs all the protection it can get. It needs all the care and benefits it can get from anything, be it from skin care products or the foods that we eat. There are many vitamins and minerals that can help the skin get healthier and be protected. We can all these vitamins from various products such as food supplements, skin vitamins and skin care products. Zinc Oxide is one of the vitamins that are helpful to our skin. But what does Zinc Oxide exactly do for our skin? Before answering that question, keep in mind that there are many uses of Zinc Oxide aside from protecting our skin but its primary function is to block dangerous rays of the sun from entering the skin. Below are some helpful facts that you need to know about Zinc Oxide:

1.  Zinc Oxide blocks the entry of ultraviolet rays into the skin. These rays can trigger Skin Cancer if they hit the Skin cells and left untreated.

2.  Zinc Oxide lightens the skin because the lower the UV rays that enter our skin, the lighter our skin becomes.

what-does-zinc-oxide-do-in-sunscreen3.  Zinc Oxide provides additional oxygen to our skin, making our skin cells function more effectively.

4.  Zinc Oxide improves skin tone, balancing unequal tones through its balancing mechanisms.

5.  Zinc Oxide is commonly found in sunscreen and sun blocks.

6.  Zinc Oxide is also found in some food supplements for inner skin protection.

7.  Zinc Oxide is basically helpful in regenerating skin cells especially those damaged by the dangerous UV rays.

Now that you already know what does Zinc Oxide exactly do for our skin, go and increase your intake of Zinc Oxide. The skin is fragile especially when exposed to the rays of the sun. Zinc Oxide is the skin’s shield to those rays.

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