5 Tips To Make Your Cheeks Look Smaller

tips-to-make-your-cheeks-look-smallerHow to make your cheeks look smaller? In the world of cosmetics, everything is possible. A little bit of twitches will also do the perks.

How to make your cheeks look smaller? Chubby cheeks make a girl look pretty. Thin hollow cheeks, meanwhile, is an “in” thing in the world of supermodels and fashion. When it comes to guys’ preference, there’s always a 50-50 chance. It’s actually best to have full chubby cheeks, because you will be able to have the best of both worlds. With cosmetics, you can go from fat to thin. However, if you have thin hollow cheeks, it’s hard to go fat. Here are amazing ways to make your face look thinner. Now, how to make your cheeks look smaller?

1. Get a cut that’ll flatter your face. Women with chubby cheeks often have full round faces. The trick is to get a cut that’ll fall between the ears and the shoulder. Add plenty of layers. Fringe a little but not too much. The perfect trick is to tweak your hair a bit, wear it down, and let it fall super close to your face. This trick elongates your face. Don’t go for blunt bangs. Add a flair of drama by putting soft fringes or side-swept bangs.

2. With the haircut done, you need to style your hair properly. The goal is to elongate your face as much as possible. Go for highlights and part your hair on the side. This will interrupt the symmetry and add shape to your face. If you don’t want to wear your hair down, put it in a low ponytail or low pigtails.

make-up-tips-to-make-your-face-look-thinner3. With the hair done, you need to focus on your makeup skills to achieve a thin/hollow look. Begin by applying an equal amount of foundation. You need about two brushes: a light and dark one. Brush the dark blush over your cheekbones. Focus on the bony part, apply lighter strokes on the upper part while darker below. Blend light and dark strokes on your cheeks. Don’t highlight this part, you need to conceal this.

4. Put emphasis on your eyes and lips. An eyeliner and mascara is all you need to add leverage to your look plus a lipstick in dark solid color and a gloss. You need to emphasize these areas since doing so will elongate your face.

how-to-make-your-face-look-thinner-without-makeup5. With your face done, you need to go with appropriate clothes and accessories. A small brim hat over your crown will do wonders. Long necklaces perfect the illusion. Don’t go for chokers or wide earrings. To cut it short, focus on accessories that go above and below your head. Don’t focus on the side since it may cause your face to look fat. Work on these tips and you’ll know how to make your cheeks look smaller.

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