Should Women Shave Their Facial Hair? Top 7 Facts

should-women-shave-their-facial-hairShould women shave their facial hair? The irony between men and women is that men prefer hair but keep their mane short while women shave it all out and let their crowning glory grow long.

Should women shave their facial hair? Today’s time is extremely shocking. First, it was normal for women in some parts of Asia as well as the Middle East to grow hair on their armpits. Next thing you know, men kept urging women to shave it out. Nowadays, seeing a woman with pit hair seemed to gross out the entire male population. To add, pubic hair – for women – also became another issue. Men wanted it out – as well as some women. So it was decided by a majority of the female population to shave it all out as part of hygiene and for their partner’s pleasure. Now, men are picking on women’s facial hair. Is it really necessary to shave it all out? If that’s the case, Gillette should be manufacturing more shavers for women than for men. What happens when women shave their facial hair? Here are seven facts on the question: should women shave their facial hair?

1. Never shave your facial hair. There are a lot of ways to eliminate facial hair. However, never shave it. Why? Run your palm upward over your shaved legs. How does it feel? Undeniably, it feels like a cactus.

2. Although hair on your face is thinner however feel the skin over your upper lip. Run it against the flow of hair. If you feel any resistance, never shave it. Hair tends to double its thickness when shaved. There are a lot of women who shave to be photo shoot ready. However, isn’t there always Photoshop for that?

why-should-women-shave-their-facial-hair3. Although gals have recommended shaving as their “model’s secret to flawless skin”, it isn’t. There are also gals telling you that shaving your face is a form of exfoliation. However, hair does not need to be exfoliated – it’ll only cause it to have compensatory mechanisms and grow thicker.

4. If you’re Asian, Hispanic, or simply brunette, don’t shave your facial hair. There are also gals regretting the experiment. You cannot have a man caress your cheeks like that of a cactus.

5. Depressed about facial hair? Fret not. There are far more colourful ways on how to get the awful hair from your face. For those who don’t mind taking the day off for beauty purposes, you might want to try plucking. Better yet, get a warm facial wax at the local salon.

6. Don’t like the pain? You can try bleaching facial hair or use depilatory creams to remove it.

7. If you want permanent hair-free skin, laser hair removal is the way to go. Now, should women shave their facial hair? No.

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