Does Crossing Your Legs Cause Spider Veins? Top 7 Facts

does-crossing-your-legs-cause-spider-veinsDoes crossing your legs cause spider veins? Seeing spider veins on your legs can be quite shocking for any woman. However, there are procedures to remove it.

Does crossing your legs cause spider veins? Many women have been asking this question for years. However, the answers have been bleak, limited, and tied between truth and myth. What is the real score with spider veins and leg crossing? Does crossing your legs give you varicose veins? Here are seven facts when it comes to the question: does crossing your legs cause spider veins?

1. To rest the case, leg crossing cannot cause you to grow spider veins on your legs. Although leg crossing has cultural issues – it may be a sign of sophistication for the upper class in early Europe but it may also be a sign of disrespect in some parts of Asia. However, in the medical world, it does not cause any effect or may be linked to spider veins.

2. When it comes to the direct cause of spider veins, you can blame it to the weak valves located deep in your peripheral veins. How do veins participate? Arteries carry blood from the heart to the peripheral system. It distributes blood to your arms, legs, and other parts of the body. Veins, meanwhile, carry blood from the peripheral system back to the heart.

does-crossing-your-legs-cause-spider-veins-facts3. Spider veins occur when valves that cause blood in your veins to move become weak. Weak veins can cause blood to go back to the veins and stay there. The weakening of the valves is a condition known as venous insufficiency.

4. When blood continues to collect at the veins, the veins become bigger, and it becomes distended. The distended vein is then called a varicose vein. Spider vein is also a result of blood collection or back up of blood. It may also be due to venous insufficiency but it can also be caused by hormonal changes, injuries, and even by sun damage.

5. Why do spider veins and varicose veins always appear on legs? Such veins appear on the legs because legs carry the weight of the whole body. With the pull of gravity, venous blood is pulled back to the peripheral veins of the legs.

6. There’s no connection with position – whether you’re standing or sitting – to the growth of spider veins. According to Eric Larssen, M.D., there is no scientific basis that connects leg crossing with the existence of spider veins.

7. There are many ways to prevent – or eliminate – spider veins. Sclerotherapy is the best solution to an existing problem while compression stocking is an effective preventive measure to prevent varicose and spider veins. The mentioned facts answer the question: does crossing your legs cause spider veins?

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