Do Guys Like Chubby Cheeks? Top 7 Facts

do-guys-like-chubby-cheeksDo guys like chubby cheeks? There’s always a way to a man’s heart. To add, beauty will always be in the eyes of the beholder.

Do guys like chubby cheeks? As cliché as it may sound, beauty is in the eyes of the one who evaluates it. Moreover, there will always be questions like “do guys like skinny girls?” or “do guys want taller or shorter women”. Of course, the question is entirely broad. You can also ask “what kind of girls do Justin Bieber like?” which is a more specific question. Moreover, you can also make it a broad-specific like “do guys in Houston like chubby girls?” There’s always a fad. Fad is important to know what a specific group of people want. Do men like chubby cheeks? Here are seven facts on the question: do guys like chubby cheeks?

1. If you want to evaluate the likes of a certain people, it is important that you identify the group of people you are targeting to get information from. When it comes to chubby cheeks, they are indeed a fad in Asian countries.

2. If you try to look at the interests of Asian men, they like cute and chubby faces paired with skinny bodies – typically Asian women. Asian women find it hard to shed chubby cheeks although they have a skinny frame.

do-guys-really-like-chubby-cheeks3. Get to know the age group of what you’re looking for. Teenage boys, often find chubby cheeks cute. Teenage boys love to pinch the cheek of their gals. Moreover, older women can easily lose baby fat so men in their late 20’s like women with less chubby cheeks but more body fat.

4. Although not scientifically proven, there are guys who try to reciprocate their look to the overall look of their gals. Men with muscles and who often makes their body eye-pleasing, tend to want women who are chubby in the right places – chubby but not fat. However, not all muscle building men like chubby women, they also want some to be as fit as them.

5. Check the “genre” of the person. If you’re attracted to one guy and you’re confused to what he likes. Check out the looks of his previous girlfriends. If the girls have something in common then it may be a clue for you. If you have no idea about his previous gals, try looking at his Facebook page and try to look at the celebrities he liked. That’ll also give you a clue.

6. Moreover, a fashionable society, as in the fad today, loves women with hollow cheeks. So if your crush is heavily involved in the fashion and modelling world, he might want a gal who’s skinny all throughout.

7. Chubby cheeks often remind men of their younger years – their childhood. But entirely, men are not a common species; they do have their own likes, thoughts, and ideas. Do guys like chubby cheeks? They might, but they might no.

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