Can You Put Moisturizer on Top of Retinol? Top 7 Facts

can-put-moisturizer-top-retinol-Can you put moisturizer on top of retinol? There’s a lot of debate about it even from the experts themselves. Here are concepts and reasons whether one should be on top of the other.

Can you put moisturizer on top of retinol? What are the skin benefits of retinol? What’s the real score when it comes to retinol? Gals – and guys – love retinol because of its ability to erase wrinkles, eliminate pigmentation; lighten skin, and blasts zits off to oblivion. With the staggering benefits, what more can people actually look for? Some turn to the benefits of a moisturizer to help fasten the process. However, it is recommended to put moisturizer on top of retinol? Or apply it first before retinol? Here’s what the experts say when it comes to the question: can you put moisturizer on top of retinol?

1. In some beauty magazines, skin experts say it is better to wait one full hour before you apply a moisturizer. Moreover, some say that retinol works better when left alone. To add, some say that moisturizer enhances the effects of retinol.

2. One of the safest answers would be to wait for one full hour after retinol application before you put moisturizer on your face. Why? The one full hour allows retinol to be absorbed into the skin.

can-put-moisturizer-top-retinol-facts3. Why the need to use a moisturizer? Some actually recommend the use of a moisturizer because retinol may tend to irritate the skin.

4. There are people who have hypersensitive skin that the smallest amount of retinol can cause their skin to become red and dry. This is a normal effect of retinol since it is a potent exfoliant. People apply a moisturizer to somehow return the lost moisture to the skin.

5. One expert, Dr. Altman of Short Hills Dermatology, recommends using an oil-free non-comedogenic moisturizer. Gals can apply this underneath retin-A. Why? The moisturizer reduces the chance of reddening, irritation, and drying. A non-comedogenic moisturizer is good since it does not interfere with the actions of retin-A.

6. If you’re interested in looking for a non-comedogenic moisturizer, cetaphil is the best product to look for. It is hypoallergenic, extremely safe to use, and moisturizes skin by locking up moisture.

7. It is important to adhere to your retinol regimen as prescribed by your doctor. Make sure to use it as recommended and to use a dependable moisturizer. A non-comedogenic moisturizer is the way to go. When it comes to the question: “can you put moisturizer on top of retinol?” the answer goes back to waiting one full hour before applying moisturizer. You can also ask your dermatologist about it.

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