Are Relaxers Bad For Your Hair? Top 7 Facts

are-relaxers-bad-for-your-hairAre relaxers bad for your hair? Hair relaxing is one of the most strenuous hair treatment regimens that can either cause two things: hair relaxation or hair damage.

Are relaxers bad for your hair? What are the effects of relaxing hair? First and foremost, what is a hair relaxer? It is a solution – a lotion or cream – that softens hair making it soft, straight, and easy to manage. People who undergo hair relaxing treatment either want to straighten their hair out or maintain it. So, is hair relaxing bad or good for hair? Here are top seven facts on the question: are relaxers bad for your hair?

1. There are two types of hair relaxers: lye and no-lye. Lye relaxers contain sodium hydroxide and are known as alkali relaxers. No-lye, meanwhile, contains calcium hydroxide which often dries out hair.

2. When using no-lye, it is important to invest in a “de-calcifying” shampoo to wash off excess calcium on hair and scalp. However, there’s no distinct difference when it comes to the two in terms of effectiveness.

are-relaxers-really bad-for-your-hair3. Many gals – even guys – turn to the power of hair relaxers to achieve an awesome mane. However, it is important to understand that the product can damage hair. Stylists and hair experts often suggest extreme conditioning after every hair relaxing session to prevent breakage.

4. When it comes to downside, hair damage is very much possible. If your hair is brittle, take a second thought at the treatment. There are cases that hair relaxing can cause breakage. If you have brittle hair, you can have safer treatment alternatives like rebond, hot oil, or spa.

5. If you have brittle hair, relaxing can cause your hair to thin. It can also cause permanent hair loss, frizzy hair, split ends, and brittle hair.

6. Worst case scenarios involving hair relaxing is scalp infection, irritation, burns, and even baldness. It is important to go to a hair professional if you really want to have your hair relaxed. A DIY hair relaxing kit would be a big no-no especially if you have completely no background in hair culture. Seeking professional help is important.

7. Don’t let the scary downside of relaxing shield you from having beautiful hair. There are a lot of treatment alternatives like hair spa – which is very relaxing – rebond, hot oil, and a lot more to get you the hair that you want. Are relaxers bad for your hair? It basically depends on the texture and volume of your hair.

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