How to Maintain a Flat Top Haircut? Top 7 Tips

how-maintain-flat-top-haircutHow to maintain a flat top haircut? A flat top, like grass, needs an up-to-date mower. Here are top seven ways to know how to maintain such mane.

How to maintain a flat top haircut? Dreaming of serving the military? Do you love an upbeat Arnold Swarzeneger? Do you prefer Smackdown superstar John Cena? What’s common about the three is that they all have the same hairstyle – a rigid flat top. Moreover, you don’t go like Johnny Bravo everyday with the superglue gel and fancy hairspray and everything. All you need are these top seven flat top haircut maintenance tips. Now, how to maintain a flat top haircut? Ditch the Johnny Bravo regimen and stick to these.

1. It is important to know that flat tops works best for those with straight and manageable hair. However, this does not mean that those with curly hair can never carry a flat top do. Find a hair professional that you can trust your hair with – this is no issue for men at all unless they’re OC.

2. You need to have your hair relaxed – if you’re curly or wavy. Straight hair is way easier to manage since you need to have all your hair strands standing straight in attention like the military. Having your hair relaxed might be time consuming. However, you’ll be surprised that the procedure straightens your hair from root to tip but not softened like in the Rebond System. This way, it’s stiff and straight – perfect.

how-to-maintain-flat-top-haircut3. Ask a professional on how often you can have your hair relaxed – of course, you need maintenance. Three to 6 months is the usual time frame but its best to seek out a stylist for more in depth explanation. If you want to stay curly or wavy, it is important to maintain the shaved side of your cut. The shaved sides are the classic features of a flat top haircut.

4. If you’re the easy going guy, go for low fat tops. However, if you’re the fashionable Johnny Bravo type, go for high flat tops. Remember that the higher flat tops you have the more maintenance you’ll need – which means more gel, hairspray, and etc.

5. If you’re not the type to wrap a towel around your hair like a lady at night, wear a sleeping cap or use a non-silky pillowcase. This is important to preserve the volume and moisture you have in your hair. Volume is important because it allows your hair to look thick yet stiff.

6. Trim as necessary. A flat top, like grass, needs to be tamed often. Have your hair trimmed as necessary to avoid looking like a dude with a Mohawk. Moreover, you don’t want to let the shaved sides to grow.

7. Don’t overuse styling products. Research has it that frequent use of hair gel, hair spray, and other hair stiffening products can cause early baldness. So settle down and lessen the use of it. You can also wear your hair cut low for low maintenance and that is how to maintain a flat top haircut.

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