What Mascara Does Kim Kardashian Use? Top 7 Facts

what-mascara-does-kim-kardashian-useWho is Kim Kardashian and why does it matter to know what mascara does she use? Kim Kardashian is a famous celebrity. She comes out in movies and TV shows. No wonder why girls are crazy to know what beauty products is she using.

To begin with, mascara is a make-up product that is primarily used for the eye lashes. What does it do? A good mascara can make the eye lashes look longer, thicker and more elegant. A good mascara does not inflict any damage to our eyes except when applied improperly. Today, there are many brands of mascara that are claiming to provide beautiful and long-lasting effects to the eye lashes. Some of these brands are even claiming they are the best of the bests. And, the answer the question of what mascara does Kim Kardashian use, is actually two: L’Oreal and Lancôme.  Yes, the answer directly came from Kardashian’s make-up artist in Ms. Joyce Bonelli. According to Ms. Bonelli, Kim Kardashian chooses her make-up products wisely and she doesn’t like those expensive brands. She only wants the best for her face, for her skin. And when it comes to mascara, Kim Kardashian only uses either L’Oreal or Lancôme. To help you choose, below are some facts about the brand of mascara Kim Kardashian is using and some more facts about mascara:

1.  According to Ms Bonelli, Kim Kardashian is not contented with the results of the mascara she used before so she switched to L’Oreal and Lancôme which she love up to this very moment.

2.  When it comes to providing the best results for the eye lashes, Kim Kardashian is a living evident that both L’Oreal and Lancôme can provide not only good looking eye lashes. The effects of these mascaras stays longer compared to other brands.

what-brand-mascara-does-kim-kardashian-use3.  The eye lashes are sensitive. Applying excessive amount of mascara could lead to serious problems such as falling of lashes and never grow again.

4.  Some chemicals that are used for mascaras are proven to be dangerous to the eyes and may lead to one losing the sense of sight.

5.  Not all types of eye lashes are suitable to use one brand of mascara. Like Kim Kardashian, we must look for the best product that will suit our face’s needs.

6.  Buying the right brand of mascara from licensed seller helps. This saves one from buying fake ones which are severely dangerous.

7.  L’Oreal and Lancôme are just two brands of mascara but they are two of the best available mascaras. Give them a try and you might copy Kim Kardashian’s eye lashes.

Now that you know what mascara does Kim Kardashian use, you might want to give it a try. After all, if a celebrity trusts a certain brand, there’s no way his/her fans aren’t going to trust. Just make sure that the mascara will fit your eye lashes’ needs.

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