What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes in Teenagers? Top 7 Facts

what-causes-dark-circles-under-eyes-teenagersWhat causes dark circles under eyes in teenagers? There are probably ten or more reasons why dark circles occur under the eyes. However there are more ways on how to make it vanish.

What causes dark circles under eyes in teenagers? Having dark circles under the eyes can be quite disturbing for some teenagers – unless it really doesn’t matter to them. However, in a stage where teens are often caught in the middle between identity versus role confusion, they need to know themselves and establish a view of themselves. Moreover, teens are seriously concerned about their body image. They’ve just graduated from puberty and their exploring themselves more after the changes that happened. Having pimples is already an issue, what more can dark circles bring? Are there any allergies that cause dark circles under the eyes? Here are seven facts on the question: what causes dark circles under eyes in teenagers?

1. For most people, aging is a definite reason why dark circles appear. However teenagers don’t usually experience aging that early.

2. According to most doctors, dark circles appear when the human body is stressed beyond limits. Teens are highly stressed and often have imbalances in their hormones.

3. Airborne allergy as well as other types of allergies like grass pollen and hay fever can cause dark circles. It often has to do with the imbalance in the body.

what-causes-dark-circles-under-eyes-in-teenagers4. Dehydration can also cause dark circles under the eyes. Water occupies almost any part in the body, any decrease in water can cause your face to sag and result to dark circles under the eyes.

5. For most part, dark circles can occur when you haven’t had enough shut eye lately. Moreover, if you’ve stayed all night browsing on the internet, computer radiation can also cause changes in the skin color underneath your eye.

6. Teens, as they are still adjusting to the changes they experienced in their body, often have imbalances. Dark circles can be a sign of anemia.

7. When it comes to treatment, eliminating or adjusting the cause can greatly help in eliminating dark circles under the eyes. If the reason behind it is stress, learn to relax or learn techniques such as yoga to help you relax your mind. If the reason is dehydration or lack of sleep, drink lots of water and adhere to 8 hours of sleep a day. Moreover, there are also creams that help remove dark circles like olay fairness cream and garnier light. However, stick to the first type of treatment if dark circles in your eyes are temporary. However, if you had it that way before – if you have dark complexion, you can treat it with a lightening cream. Now, what causes dark circles under eyes in teenagers? There are a lot but for most part, it is treatable.

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