5 Top Rated Curling Wands

top-rated-curling-wandsWhat are the top rated curling wands? If straight just doesn’t work, it is about time to make some mane innovations. Curls scream pizzazz and cuteness, it is important to get the perfect curling iron.

What are the top rated curling wands? If you really want to get those perfect curls, it is important to look for a curling wand with the right temperature, right curve, and right user-friendly ease. When it comes to best curling wands and hot tools curling iron machines, here are top five brands that you’ll surely love. What are the top rated curling wands? Read on to know the best buys in the hair ironing world.

5. Conair Hydro Silk Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron. Some curling irons do not do better than others. Some curling irons cause more frizz and fly away if not used properly. Conair is a good curling wand because it prevents frizz, heats up in as little as twenty minutes, and produces soft fluffy curls. Conair is good with an easy-to-grip handle to help you get those proper big curls – not scrawny ones. Moreover, this wand doesn’t produce the usual burnt hair smell.

4. Conair Instant Heat. Another perfect hair wand from Conair has controlled temperature to prevent frizz as well as dry hair. With only a minute to heat up, this wand holds onto hair and causes big curls.

3. Revlon Just Curls Styling Kit. This wand screams awesome usability and ease because of it barrel size shape to fit the needs of any DIY gal. This wand from Revlon holds on to hair and curls faster for gals racing time to get those the perfect hairstyle during busy days.

2. Vidal Sassoon Curling Iron. There are girls with super straight hair who find it difficult to curl without using strong chemicals, gels, and sprays. This product from Vidal, meanwhile, heats up right to get the perfect curl that lasts a long time. Users of Vidal boast that this curling wand doesn’t tangle hair. It also has heat settings for users to control temperature.

best-selling-curling-wands1. Cortex Ceramic Clipless curling Iron. This product is certified to curl hair that lasts for days. The product has a superb setting that heats hair without burning it and causes curls to last for days. This product is complete with four ceramic interchangeable heads: half inch, ¾ inch, 1 ¼ inch and 1 ½ inch. It utilizes negative ions to produce silkier curls with far-infrared technology for safe heating, and control that goes up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. To add, it also comes with a glove to prevent burns. This is, so far, one of the top rated curling wands in the market.

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