Are Curling Wands Better Than Curling Irons? Top 7 Facts

are-curling-wands-better-than-curling-ironsCurly hairs are never-dying trends in the beauty society but which curling tools are better? Are curling wands better than curling irons? There are certain aspects that show the one is better than the other. So, which one you should buy?

To begin with, curly hair is one of the main and surviving hairstyles of this generation. Women and men are both suitable to have curly hairs depending on their styles. With regards to the best curling tools, some purists say that curling wands are better than curling irons. Others are claiming that curling irons are more effective than curling wands.  Basically, both curling tools are effective in providing users the curly hair they always wanted.  The results only differ due to the way each tool was used and the hair type of the user. According to hair experts, the results of using these curling tools vastly depend on how hot the tools are and how frequent a user uses the tool. Consistency has something to do with getting the best curly hair. In addition to this, hair length plays a critical role for not all hair lengths can be curled especially if the hair is too long or too short. If you are confused when choosing between curling wands versus curling irons, below are some facts you might need to know about these tools:

1.  To be effective, both curling wands and curling irons are needed to be hot enough but not too hot for they can also burn your hair.

2.  For some, curling wands are more effective because they heat up faster and the curls last longer.

curling-wands-vs-curling-irons3.  According to hair experts, curling irons are also good in providing curly hair but they heat up slowly and you need to practically iron your hair.

4.  Curling wands give you more control. Its wand-like handle gives you the freedom as which part of the hair you wished to be curled.

5.  Aside from its flexibility, curling wands are more energy-saving since they heat up faster. You can save some bits of electricity used by the wands because you don’t have to wait for minutes just to heat them up.

6.  Curling irons posses many negative effects especially if applied too hot. One of these effects is that it can burn our scalp and cause more problems especially if the heat is extremely blazing.

7.  Buy only authentic curling tools from licensed stores. Buying cheap ones may save you some cash but it may cost you more harm than good.

Some are saying that curling wands are better than curling irons. For some, it’s the other way around. If you are not yet sure, consult your friendly hairstylist. He/she surely knows what’s the best for you.

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