Is Powder Foundation Better for Oily Skin? Top 10 Facts

is-powder-foundation-better-for-oily-skinIs powder foundation better for oily skin? Foundation is every woman’s must have. There is definitely no short cut when it comes to flawless, matte finish. No powder can ever do that. Thus a foundation is important.

Is powder foundation better for oily skin? Oily skin is a big problem for girls. In a matter of hours – in addition to humid weather – oil seems to ruin everything. Oil can make you look saggy, greasy and unpleasant. Oil melts your foundation along with your primer, foundation, cheek tint, and even your eyeliner. Is there a way to combat oil? Is powder foundation best for oily skin? Here are ten important facts when it comes to the question “is powder foundation better for oily skin?”

1. Moderation is the key to applying foundation. Too much of it you’ll look like a clown, too little and you’ll look drab. It is best to look for insights on the proper way to apply makeup foundation.

2. Liquid or powder? If you have dry skin, it is best to go with a hydrating powder foundation.

3. Hydrating liquid foundations, as well as sticks, have a creamy thick consistency and works well in adhering to and moisturizing skin. Plus, it offers the right amount of coverage.

4. If you have oily skin, settle for an oil-free powder foundation – liquids also do. Powder foundation is better since it absorbs oil giving you a smooth finish.

powder-or-liquid-foundation-for-oily-skin-which-is-better5. When it comes to makeup, settle for mineral. According to Ranella Hirsch of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology, mineral makeup has solid particles that dry up oil.

6. If you have oily skin and pimples with regular breakouts, settle for powder foundation that contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid dries the glands that cause breakouts.

7. For those with combination skin, apply a strategic combination of makeup. Apply more of the oil absorbing makeup on your T-zone, especially on your forehead, because those are the places where the production of oil is exacerbated.

8. If you’re new to foundation, look for a foundation that suits your skin. How? Simply take a sample of a foundation and apply to skin. The foundation which is easiest to apply and easily blends to skin is the perfect foundation for you as mentioned by makeup guru Mally Roncal.

9. If you want foundation that easily settles in, for busy people, try a cream foundation. It is easy to apply and it easily distributes to face.

10. If you really have oily skin, bring loose powder with you and apply as necessary. Now, is powder foundation better for oily skin? It depends on what type of powder foundation.

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