How Long Does a Lip Gloss Last? The Shocking Truth!

how-long-does-a-lip-gloss-lastHow long does lip gloss last? Lip gloss is every woman’s must have. Apply a distinct undertone, pucker up and top it off with a sparkling lip gloss.

How long does lip gloss last? Imagine the taste that accompanies lip gloss. You get a variety of lip gloss in different flavours from raspberry to vanilla, from fruity to sweet. Moreover, there are even glosses designed for kissable lips – specifically designed to fit what men love. Lip gloss is important and worth keeping. However, don’t keep it too long. Does lip gloss expire? How many months a lip gloss can last? How about for unopened makeup products? How long does a lip gloss last?

Basically, it depends upon the brand of lip gloss, most users say that the more expensive a gloss is, the more it is less likely to expire soon. When it comes to gloss and other lip makeup, take note of these simply numbers. Lip liner lasts for only 12 months, lipstick for 2 years and lip gloss for only 18 months. Some say that lip gloss can only last for 9 months but a year can do. Gloss lasts a year when opened and 3 years when unopened. However, the number varies depending on type of lip gloss. Solid type glosses are less likely to expire soon because it has less moisture compared to the creamy ones. If you’re unsure of the date you bought your gloss, simply smell it and look at its consistency. Good gloss usually smells sweet and in congruence to the flavour indicated. However, when it deviates to something awful then that gloss is surely expired. What to do? Immediately toss it out. Using an expired gloss causes damage than benefit. It might contain toxins that are harmful to the skin.

A brand known as Cargo contains a strip placed inside the tube of the gloss. In time, the strip turns to red until about 9 months telling you that you’re gloss needs to retire. Nine is too long to still use the same gloss. It is about time that you’d ditch the old one and search for new kinds of gloss.

In addition, there might be notions that heating your gloss can lengthen its life span. According to some consumers, heating a gloss on the microwave can freshen its consistency. However, some users still follow the old method – that is to keep calm and move on. When your favorite gloss is fast approaching its retirement age, then it is probably time to let it retire and buy a new one. How long does a lip gloss last? It lasts about a year at most.

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