Does Benzoyl Peroxide Cause Wrinkles? Top 7 Facts

does-benzoyl-peroxide-cause-wrinklesSuspecting that your benzoyl peroxide cream may have caused you those fine lines on your face? This anti-acne component is known to eliminate bacteria responsible for causing those irritating pimple-growths. However, some are stating that BP is as well accountable for the visible traces of aging on their faces. These serious claims may be true yet can also be based on misconceptions. Does Benzoyl Peroxide cause wrinkles? Below are top 7 truths about the thought and would help you know the answer.

Does Benzoyl Peroxide Cause Wrinkles? Facts 1-4

1. Does Benzoyl Peroxide cause wrinkles? Since this component eliminates oil in our skin and makes it dry, then these could be the reasons why BP is linked with aging. You should be a bit grateful with that oily skin because it would make you age slower. While Benzoyl Peroxide reduces that facial gloss and tightens skin, wrinkles can really be noticeable through time.

2.  A drying product such as Benzoyl Peroxide should always be partnered with a moisturizing agent. With the product sucking up all the oil on your face, moisturizing it can therefore be the best option to have. Applying moisturizers generously after using BP may help prevent fine lines to appear.

3. Using too much, too often of anything isn’t advisable. Though Benzoyl Peroxide is proven to be effective and efficient for a pimple-free appearance, excessive application subjects your skin to even more stress which induces visible lines to arise. Allergic reactions such as rashes, itching, extreme dryness and tenderness and burning may also occur. Thus, moderation and caution in using the product is really recommended.

4. Know your skin’s level of sensitivity. Being aware of your body including the skin and its needs is the best way to avoid wrinkles. If you feel your face is too sensitive for all those cosmetics and skin medications such as BP, then you might as well resort to tested natural remedies and minimize risks. Another option for that delicate face is to utilize lower dosage of Benzoyl Peroxide or using it infrequently.

Does Benzoyl Peroxide Cause Wrinkles? Facts 5-7

5. Beauty and skincare products have the capacity to damage healthy skin. Medications and cosmetics for the skin such as benzoyl peroxide could contain very low to moderate amounts of toxic ingredient which may probably harm epidermal cells and tissues when not used properly.

6. An oxidizing product such as Benzoyl Peroxide cream is said to have the potential to age skin faster.  Oxidation is among the main processes responsible for our body’s aging mechanism. So, can Benzoyl Peroxide cause wrinkles?  Well, with continuous application of an oxidative agent such as BP may basically increase the rate of wrinkle-occurrence on your face.

7. Other underlying conditions may have probably caused those appearing visible lines, not your topical BP. Though you have already the idea that Benzoyl Peroxide might have caused wrinkles to occur, other underlying stresses in life such as horrible relationships can also become its very source. Having an unhealthy lifestyle along with poor diet and hormonal imbalance speed up premature aging and produce fine lines as well.

So, in line with all these stated facts above, does Benzoyl Peroxide cause wrinkles? That is up for you to resolve and decide. But one thing’s sure enough, as an oxidative skin medication, using BP has its due pros and cons.

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