Top 5 Flat Irons for African American Hair

top-flat-irons-for-african-american-hair-in-2013Tired and weary of that distinguishing, tightly curled African-American hair? You may resort on flat irons to have it straightened like a Pro. However, getting that prettiest-looking flat ironed hair depends on two factors, your handling technique and owning flat irons with the best performance. Here are top 5 flat irons for African-American hair which provide promising results after use.

Top Flat Irons for African American Hair: 5-3

5. HAI Ceramic Flat Iron

If you are seeking for one of the top 5 flat irons for African-American hair which could consistently provide heat with all modifiable temperature settings, then you might want to get yourself this HAI Convertible Flat Iron. Its ceramic plates are shaped from Sapphire, a gemstone, which are superb for even heat dispersal. The flat iron’s infrared-derived heat technology which increases from 170 degrees to 390 degrees helps conserve hair moisture and leaves it with a glossy appearance.  For a much convenient handling, this hair straightener is also made with an ergonomic design.

4. SEDU Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron

Hair professionals believe that tourmaline-based flat irons are much better than ceramic ones because they provide a lot of benefits on your hair. Since you wouldn’t want to lose that natural hair gaze, Sedu tourmaline ionic styling iron is perfect for almost all types of hair especially for those thick, kinky strands.  The Nano tourmaline technology of the device actually aids in producing negative ions that revitalize hair and retains more of its moisture. You would also be exerting the least effort on pulling your hair with the iron because of its ultra-smooth straightening motion. Sedu heats up faster compared to other flat irons as well, therefore cutting 50% of your hair straightening time.

3. CHI Hair Flat Iron

It has been known that CHI products have excellent and exceptional quality. So, it won’t be surprising to know that    CHI Hair Flat Iron is thought to be one of the most adaptable flat irons in the market today. Most of its innovative features allow consumers to obtain their desired hairstyle. It is also ideal for straightening that very tightly coiled African-American hair you may have and help preserve its natural color and texture.  This hair tool contains settled heat paddles at the edges to prevent skin burns, too. As an added attribute, the product comes along with an extra-long swivel cord to avoid twisting and coiling.

Top Flat Irons for African American Hair: 2-1

2. Solia Tourmaline Ion Flat Iron

The second best flat iron for African-American hair which is well-used by a lot of the consumers at present is Solia Tourmaline Ion Flat Iron. Though it has a lot of similar features with CHI flat iron, Solia straightener has several distinguished components making it more satisfactory than the latter. The ceramic plates provide uniform heat distribution resulting to an authentic shiny straight hair. It has a dynamic alignment system to guarantee excellent contact between your hair and the ceramics, perfect for a tress-free outcome after straightening hours.

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1 1/2 “

You have come to reach the end and about to figure details on the best flat iron ever made for everyone’s choice.  Meet the BaBylissPro Nano Titanium 1-1/2 inch Straightening Iron, a novel innovation in hair styling tools. Its best feature concentrates on how fast it straightens your strong coiled hair however creating a long lasting effect.  The Titanium’s high heat conductivity and Ryton’s negative ion-emitting capacity provides an exceptional attribute for the product. This means a 40% faster straightening time with exceptional damage-free hair as an outcome. Its digital ionic LED introduces variable temperature setting suiting your needs. Its slim design and longer plates reduce the chance of having hand fatigue as well. With all these finest attributes, you would surely have the strongest urge to buy and own one today.

Say farewell to those bad hair days through using one of these top 5 flat irons for African-American hair and start living a more beautiful new you.

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