Does Red Lipstick Look Good on Everyone? The Truth!

does-red-lipstick-look-good-on-everyoneLipstick is commonly used by women but does it look good on everyone? To begin with, we need to determine why many women don’t leave home without their lipsticks inside their bags. Aside from adding colours to their lips, women also use lipsticks to keep their lips moist and prevent them from drying up. In addition to this, some women also use lipsticks to cover the visible cracks or wounds in their lips.

Lipstick is a useful beauty product for women but the question is, does it look good on everyone? Does a red lipstick look good on everyone especially on someone with a pale skin? Although lipsticks are made to make anyone’s lips beautiful, it’s not advisable that it is used by men except when performing in a play wherein men are asked to suit up like women. In fact, most beauty experts worldwide don’t recommend usage of lipsticks for men. Why?

Lips of men and women have different characteristics. In relation to this, lipsticks are made primarily for women because they need to keep their lips beautiful and moist especially during special events. Men don’t need to  use lipsticks to make them look more handsome, right? Although one of the main functions of a lipstick is to make everyone who uses it look better, it doesn’t look good on everyone although it will enlighten the lips of some with pale skin.

Nowadays, lipsticks come in various colours and they even have various flavours.  The most common colours of lipsticks are pink and red. Why? For some women, pink and red define beauty with simplicity. If you will look at the current trends of lipsticks, the colours pink and red never get phased out and they are still loved by most women of all ages. They just have to choose what colour of the lipstick they will buy according to their skin tone.
Although it does not look good on everyone especially on men, choosing the right colour of lipstick will make you stand out above the rest. A woman who knows how to choose a lipstick is a beautiful woman indeed because she knows  what exactly can make her look good to everyone else.

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