Best 5 True Red Lipstick

best-true-red-lipstickWhat is the best true red lipstick? In the entirety of lip shades and lip gloss, red is not always truly red. Red is always accompanied by a variety of undertones such as orange-red, blue-red, yellow-red, pink-red and even brown-red. Nude, as always, is red with an exception.

Now, what is the best true red lipstick? Basically, it doesn’t have to be provocative as blood red. Here’s how to stop red lipstick bleeding. When it comes to loreal true red lipstick and how to make red lipstick stay, here’s the best true red lipstick that’s certainly a must have.

Best True Red Lipstick: 5-3

5. Maybelline Superstay. Maybelline is truly reliable when it comes to lipstick shades. When it comes to true red, choose Maybelline’s very own 550 Radiant Ruby with a lock-in moisture system. If you want a true bloody red look, choose a lipstick with a blue undertone. Lipstick doesn’t only make your lips irresistibly seductive; it whitens your teeth too. Choose a color with blue undertones if you really want to achieve that million watt smile.

4. Sephora Cream. Sephora is great in creating reliable lipstick even if you have to eat, drink, wipe with tissue or retouch sparingly. It has a unique stay-on formula that keeps colors locked in. choose Courtisane O2 for that red sheer look without getting bloody and creepy.

3. Catrice Stay On. As the name says it, Catrice really stays on. So simply apply a generous amount of color an pucker up to kissable lips. To get a sophisticated and glamorous look, pick 090 Lasting burgundy. This color is great, it might be maturing a bit but this is the perfect color when you donn your corporate attire. Best lipstick for business meetings where touch-ups are as hard to get as a caffeine fix.

Best True Red Lipstick: 2-1

2. Catrice Satin. If you want to look soft as satin without looking too vulnerable choose 060 Spanish Red color. Procure the perfect Hispanic look by puckering up to bright red color, petite eye makeup and wavy sexy curls. Nothing screams sexy as a sensual color with overall seductive makeup. This color is perfect for dates or romantic dinner outs.

1. Guerlain Lipstick. Of course, the leading lipstick of them all is Guerlain. If you want to play safe yet not ignored, this is the perfect color for you. Choose number 521Red Strass for a neutral look without getting too ordinary. Wear some gold accessories and you’ll definitely mimic goddess sophistication. This lipstick is perfect for day outs, summer escapades, night thrills and dinner romance. This is the best true red lipstick that will definitely fill your fancy.

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