Best 5 Tasting Lip Gloss for Kissing

best-tasting-lip-gloss-for-kissingWhat is the best tasting lip gloss for kissing? A better addition to a sexy lipstick is the awesome shimmer brought by quality lip gloss. Lip gloss can be worn on top of a shade, like in Rimmel products, or worn plainly as it is.

What is the best tasting lip gloss for kissing? When it comes to taste, lip gloss comes in a variety of flavors. There’s a special purpose for flavored lip gloss for kissing. It is specially intended for kissing and, undeniably, for tasting. Of course, nobody wants to apply lipstick that taste awful. Lip gloss is the way to go to get a youthful glow and flavorful taste. What flavor lip gloss do guys like? What is the best flavored lip gloss for kissing? Here’s the best tasting lip gloss for kissing.

Best Tasting Lip Gloss for Kissing: 5-3

5. Bigelow Lip Shine. This lip gloss is unique because it also comes in menthol flavor. This gloss is ultra-shiny, goes on silky and smooth but it edges others by its great menthol/ spearmint taste. Your man will not only feel refreshed by the bursting cool freshness on your lips but will also be amazed by the superb shine on your lips that’s undeniably irresistible.

4. Stila Glaze. If you love the taste of sweets or still fixated to your childhood flavor favourites, this lip gloss is for you. Stila Glaze comes in three amazing flavors: Bubble Gum for lovers of sweet tasting sugary gum, Cotton Candy for the inner child, and Honeysuckle for those who are in love with sweets. This gloss produces a bold shine with a distinct hint of soft shades.

3. Lorac Gloss. If your man loves 3D animation, he will surely love this gloss. Lorac 3D gloss contains holographic pigments to give you a multidimensional shimmer that definitely make your lips shine like diamonds. The texture is amazing too. It is silky and soft. Moreover, with all the holographic pigments, it is not sticky. It is also available in a variety of shades and flavors.

Best Tasting Lip Gloss for Kissing: 2-1

2. Philosophy Shine. Philosophy simply stands out in the array of flavorful lip gloss because of its Raspberry Sorbet flavor. You man will definitely love this flavor. It produces a light pink tint with a fabulous shimmer.

1. NARS Follow The Boys. Undeniably, sugar is the sweetest of them all. As the ads goes, follow the boys. There’s no distinct way to a man’s heart than to literally follow the boys and his thoughts. This amazing gloss contains amazing ingredients that not only sweetens your lips but makes it healthy too. It also has antioxidants that rid lips of toxins giving it a healthy glow from the inside. So whether your lips are nude, with lipstick or gloss, its reveals an intrinsic glow that no makeup can copy. This is the best tasting lip gloss for kissing.

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