Best 5 Lipstick for Dry, Chapped Lips

best-lipstick-for-dry-chapped-lipsWhat is the best lipstick for chapped lips? Definitely, petroleum jelly is not lipstick so you need to look for lipsticks that can work as moisturizer and lipstick in one. Chapped lips are usually painful and sore so you need a lipstick that’s lip-friendly.

What is the best lipstick for chapped lips? What could be the best lipstick for dry lips? Is there any good lipstick for chapped lips? Lipstick is usually an aesthetic product and it’s seldom you see one that’s packed with benefits. How can a lipstick provide relief to dry lips? What is the top lipstick for chapped lips? Here is the best lipstick for chapped lips together with other equally effective products.

Best Lipstick for Dry, Chapped Lips: 5-3

5. Napoleon by Sephora. When looking for this divine product, look for Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess. This shade will definitely make you shine like a goddess as it deeply nourishes your lips. It has herbal extracts as well as potent antioxidants to give your lips a radiant glow. Other shades from Sephora include Eros and Aphrodite.

4. Maybelline’s Moisture Extreme. Maybelline has 54 shades packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that promise to make your lips look fuller and healthier. The lipstick also stains your lips giving you an oomph of color. If you want to rock a sexy red lipstick, you may want to try Royal Pain.

3. MAC Stylistics. Nothing beats MAC when it comes to strong shades of lipstick. The MAC Stylistics is surely one to be proud of. It procures a strong definite color that will vibrantly give you a sheer, sexy look. MAC products are also known for their hydrating ingredients. The base color is often creamy with a hint of satin – best for late night thrills. MAC is available in four awesome shades with bestselling The Scene and Soft Pout.

Best Lipstick for Dry, Chapped Lips: 2-1

2. L’Oreal Colour Riche. This product is packed with vitamin E and omega 3 that moisturizes lips from the inside out. L’Oreal offers seven shades including Penelope’s Red – perfect for romantic dates. L’Oreal’s best pic is Colour Riche Star Secets Lip.

1. Sephora’s Bare Escentuals. This product has shea butter, vitamin E, lavender oil and macadamia oil. The powerful combination of the ingredients can make the lips soft, smooth and intimately healthy. Sephora is the best when it comes to moisturizing lipstick. Plus it gives you a creamy shade topped with shimmering gloss. This is the perfect lipstick that combines beauty and health. Thus it is named as the best lipstick for chapped lips.

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