Is Argan Oil Good for Oily Skin? Top 10 Facts

is-argan-oil-good-for-oily-skinIs argan oil good for oily skin? Does this liquid gold can actually bring healthy and toxic-free benefits to your oily skin? Read thoroughly to find out more about the benefits of argan oil for skin and or if argan oil is bad for skin?

Another breakthrough from nature arises from the golden seed of the Argan tree. The natural oil produced by this Moroccan endemic provides a rich mixture of fatty acids and nutrients that are very beneficial to the human skin. Following are the top 10 facts on how is argan oil benefits oily skin:

Is Argan Oil Good for Oily Skin? Facts 1-3

1. It may seem ironic to nourish oily skin with an oil-based formula, but Argan oil is very beneficial to a sleekly epidermis. For those who are wondering how is Argan oil good for oily skin? The answer to this lies on the antioxidants found in its oil. The antioxidant component of argan oil removes blemishes and other dark spots on the skin.

2. Another of the many benefits of Argan oil for skin includes acne and pimple removing and relieving agent. The fatty acids found in Argan oil has almost the same sebum of that of the skin, thus constant moisturizing of the skin using this natural oil can neutralize the skin’s sebum, making acne and pimple development slow down.

3. One can also benefit from the Argan oil through applying an adequate amount of it to the skin after a regular facial regime. Such can help the skin become more clear and young looking. This effect is due to the carotenoids found in the argan oil.

Is Argan Oil Good for Oily Skin? Facts 4-7

4. Also, the carotenoids found in pure Argan oil serves as fat-soluble pigment that creates a natural skin barrier. This carotenoids shield built though Argan oil prevents the skin from absorbing too much Ultra Violet radiation. Oily skin is prone to sun burn, thus, the natural shield from the argan oil can protect the skin from this unhealthy UV absorption. Such effect can also prevent one from developing skin cancer.

5. Nutrient rich oil like that of an Argan also benefits oily skin through filtering a free radical known as “singlet oxygen”. The oil helps the skin protect itself from singlet oxygen by giving off “squalene”, a nutrient that freezes free radicals by not only building a natural skin protector but also through fast promotion of cell growth and rapid production of collagen, which makes the skin more radiant and toxic free.

6. Argan oil is a natural anti-bacterial agent, thus it is very effective in dermatitis management, which is common to those who have oily skin.

7. Following the previous facts and benefits of argan oil for skin is its effects on other skin types like dry skin. Pure argan oil contains almost eight percent of fatty acids, and such component serves as powerhouse skin moisturizer. Thus, many use the argan oil as dry skin remedy, making the skin softer and adequately hydrated. But this does not mean that argan oil is bad for oily skin.

Is Argan Oil Good for Oily Skin? Facts 8-10

8. The golden oil extracted from the Argan tree also sculpts the skin perfectly. Its protein component helps skin cells bond together to produce a tighter and less saggy skin. People with skin type that produces excessive oil can benefit largely from this effect.

9. Sun damaged and course skin type, which is usually exhibited in dry skin, can also be relieved through the application of Argan oil. The vitamin E content of the oil increases the skin’s capability to heal and replace damaged cells. This vitamin content is also beneficial for oily skin type.

10. Argan oil helps the skin regularly hydrated, and even though this is more beneficial to dry skin type, oily skin can also achieve some positive effects by equally possessing oil and water to the skin layers, making the skin healthier and capable to bar various harmful toxins from the environment.

With the ten facts stated, one can assume that the oil produced from the Argan oil is equally good for both dry and oily skin types. And for those who have queries if Argan oil is good for oily skin, well, generally, the answer will be “yes”. In various ways, the golden oil produced from the Moroccan tree, Argan is beneficial for oily skin.

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