Is Vaseline Good for Wrinkles? The Shocking Truth!

is-vaseline-good-for-wrinklesIs vaseline good for wrinkles? You can probably tell the character of the person by just looking at their wrinkles. Wrinkles in between the eyebrows tell the person might be a worrier. Creases on the cheeks might tell the person is smiling often. When it comes to emollients, together with other petrolatum jelly products, is vaseline effective in preventing wrinkles?

Is vaseline good for wrinkles? Does vaseline help prevent wrinkles? When it comes to using vaseline to get rid of wrinkles, the experts beg to differ. In fact, it doesn’t take an expert to figure it out. Now, is vaseline good for wrinkles?

Wrinkles appear when the skin looses moisture, integrity as well as elasticity. What causes wrinkles? Repetitive facial expressions, smoking, and exposure to too much sun cause wrinkles. How can smoking cause wrinkles? Smoking increases the chance of getting wrinkles because nicotine eats up oxygen in the cells and replaces them with harmful substances instead. Moreover, it interferes with the skin’s blood supply. When that happens, the skin is more susceptible to damage, smoke, oxidative stress and harmful UV rays- not to mention looking awfully old with wrinkles. One important fact: wrinkles can start as early at the age of 25.

Why use Vaseline? With it thick consistency, Vaseline is said to lock up moisture in the skin. It can also protect the skin from external agents like UV rays and pollution. However there’s a downside to it. Here are some quick facts.

Read the label. Most wrinkles begin as fine lines – especially in the eyes. In a tube of Vaseline, a warning sign reveals, “do not get into or near the eyes”. How can you apply Vaseline if it’s not indicated to the area? It is plainly common sense to know the limitations of Vaseline. Wrinkles begin as fine lines near the eyes, and Vaseline can be harmful when applied there.

Investigate the ingredients. Vaseline contains ceresin, mineral oil, alcohol, lanolin, and many others. All of which are intended for external application only. Wrinkles are often accompanied by dry skin and chapped lips – conditions which can worsen when applied with Vaseline.

So it is important to really read the indications before applying any product to the skin. Best way to lessen wrinkles is to consult your dermatologist to provide you an effective product to reduce the signs of skin aging. Now, is vaseline good for aging? The facts have it, it has its pros and cons.

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