5 Best Lipstick for Olive Skin Tone

best-lipstick-olive-skin-toneWhat is the best lipstick for olive skin tone? Olive skin tone is a prized beauty. It is exotic, elegant and explicitly sophisticated. However, when it comes to choice of lipstick, what is the best lipstick for olive skin tone? How to know what lipstick suits you? What color should you wear? Here are ready tips in choosing the right lipstick for people who have olive skin tone as well as five of the best lipstick choices.

Best Lipstick for Olive Skin Tone: Top 1-3

1. Blood red lipstick is in especially in the winter months. The cold dark weather compliments the blood red lipstick giving you a deep vampire-like look. Of course, you don’t want to scare people so be careful in your choice of eye makeup. Settle for light shadow or nude color in your eyes so your look wouldn’t feel totally gothic. Try Revlon’s Colorburst in plum color. It’s perfect to give you the right amount of red for your olive skin tone.

2. Mauve-berry color. People with olive skin tone are often complimented as having warm accent colors. Mauve red isn’t your red-red color combination; it’s more of an orange-red color combo. The best thing about having olive skin is that all lipstick colors jive in with your skin tone. Those with fair skin find it hard to match their skin tone with bright colors since there wouldn’t be enough contrast to highlight colors. Mauve-berry is your choice for the flirty, glossy look. Try Revlon in Velvet Red.

3. Nude lipstick. What is the best lipstick for olive skin tone? Nude is perfect since it is a form of light brownish red color to compliment your equally brown skin tone. Elf’s Prime Plum is a good choice but any red lipstick plus a brownish gloss will scream sexy. With nude tones, you can experiment more with eye color. You can pair nude lipstick with smoky shadow to accentuate your eyes.

Best Lipstick for Olive Skin Tone: Top 4-5

4. Blue-red colors. Revlon’s Colorburst in crimson is a perfect example of blue-red against olive skin tone. A dark version of blue-red can scream sheer sophistication as well as classic. Top off any classic red with a warm gloss to obtain contrasting shades.

5. Red-orange look. The best shade of lipstick to complement olive skin tone. Use a suitable lip liner to accentuate the look. Try Sonia Kashuk in Red Orange. You can experiment with your eye color but make sure the colors are neither too dark nor too light. Help the colors contrast with each other to get the perfect makeup done. When it comes to best lipstick for olive skin tone, these are the best.

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