Best 3 Bronzer for Oily Skin

best-bronzer-for-oily-skinBobbi Brown Bronzing Powder is the best bronzer for very oily skin. Here are the top three bronzer for those women who have oily skin.

What is the best bronzer for oily skin? Bronzer, no matter what brand, can only give you one thing: goddess-like healthy glow on skin. Compare a bronzer with an ordinary blush. Blush gives you a reddish tint while a bronzer gives you lush and healthy glow. There’s a distinct difference from reddish-pink blush with peachy-coral-brownish bronze color. With the proper application, your cheek will look toned, your face becomes smaller and you’ll look healthier. Now, what is a good bronzer for oily skin? Here are tips in choosing the best bronzer as well as the best bronzer for oily skin.

1. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder. Undeniably, Bobbi Brown is the leader in make-up. According to reviewers, Bobbi Brown bronzer is “simply marvellous”. The typical notion about bronzers is that it makes you look sun-kissed, like you’ve spent a day in the sun – without damage. Moreover, it doesn’t make you look “bronze”. It is often called that way because of the reddish-brown shine it brings. Bronzer is best applied on the cheekbones to tone the shape of your face.

2. NARS Bronzing Powder. What is the difference between a bronzer that comes in powder form and cake form? With powder, it is often hard to control. When you use brush, you could not often control the amount of bronzer you apply on your face. Meanwhile, in cake form, it is easy to control the amount you get. According to users, NARS bronzer is undeniably flattering and it is the perfect bronzer to wear for all occasions. Moreover, it is completely worth it because it can neither look too dark or too light. You don’t have to control the volume you apply; it just makes your face look naturally sun-kissed.

3. Laura Mercier Bronzing Gel. With gel, there’s nothing to miss. This is, according to reviewers, the best bronzer for oily skin. It is in gel form, meaning to say, you can evenly apply the product too your face. You’ll neither get too dark nor too light application because the gel spreads out evenly. Moreover, you can soften it out by a touch of baby powder to make it look natural. According to users, this product can last through sweat and it still smells amazing. Make-up artists call Laura Mercier bronzer “a staple in the kit”. To add, this bronzing gel can be mixed with foundation to provide coverage and buildable shade. It is one bronzer than can provide a sun-kissed, beachy color. In terms of best bronzer for oily skin, these are the top three.

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