Best 5 Coral Lipstick for Fair Skin


Chanel Rouge Coco Shin is the best coral lipstick for fair skin. Here are the top five coral lipstick for white women like you.

What is the best coral lipstick for fair skin? Lipstick, undeniably, can make or break a woman’s look. If you have fair skin, or dark skin for that matter, remember the rule of light and shade. With a fair skin tone, you can go as dark as velvet red. Moreover, if you’re dark, you can go light as baby pink. Overall, balance is important. How to choose a lipstick color? How to wear coral lipstick? When it comes to matte coral lipstick, here’s the best coral lipstick for fair skin – five of them actually.

1. Chanel Rouge Coco Shin – #48 Evasion. Coral color is amazingly breezy during springtime and relaxingly exquisite in the wintertime. Fair skin plus coral lipstick would equate to extravagantly simple – sweet maybe. Chanel understands this. It is hydrating and leaves behind a beige tint – rather peachy – to the lips. It doesn’t provide much pigmentation but just enough to give you enough color to complement your look.

2. YSL Rouge Pure Couture – #23 Poetique. This newbie provides a mid-bright coral color that can be easily toned down to a suitable apricot color. Moreover, this product is fortified with moisturizers to keep your lips fully hydrated. After all, nobody wants chapped lips.

3. MAC Shy Girl. When it comes to best coral lipstick for fair skin, this product is definitely shy to provide a petite color to match a petite personality. To add, it is the perfect nude color to wear. It is slightly peachy yet timid – perfect to complement dramatic smoky eyes. This shy lipstick works well with heavy volume eye makeup. The effect is highly breathtaking – more like Hollywood for that matter.

4. RimmelAppocolips. There always something about Rimmel that makes it water-proof and highly durable – best for long night outs and summer day outs. The peach colored coral lipstick is good to wear for those who want to wear it safe – timid, simple yet elegantly sophisticated. Moreover, this lipstick is fortified with moisturizer to keep lips hydrated.

5. YSL Glossy Stain – #27 PecheCerra-Colla. Glossy stain is next to a goddess look. This lipstick has a beautiful light peach color best completing dramatic eye make-up or timid blush. What keeps this lipstick unique is that it has the combined forces of a lip stain, lipstick and lip gloss – without the tedious application. All you need to do is to apply once – or twice for light colors. When it comes to best coral lipstick for fair skin, these are the certified A-listers.

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