Can Vinegar Lighten Skin? 10 Important Facts

can-vinegar-lighten-skinMany people say the vinegar is good for skin lightening. Does it really work? Can vinegar whiten your complexion? Here are ten facts.

Can vinegar lighten skin? Vinegar is always a good appendage to seaside food. Vinegar heightens the flavor giving food a sour yet edgy taste. It is also good and pleasing to any food connoisseur. Moreover, it is undeniably appetizing. However, in the world of cosmetics, aesthetics, and smooth healthy skin, can vinegar lighten skin? Most are having second thoughts before using vinegar but it takes a great leap of faith to achieve healthy skin. Here are 10 important things you need to know about your face and what vinegar can do.

1. Can vinegar lighten skin? What users of it need to know is that vinegar can indeed lighten skin. Vinegar has glycol acid that can clear skin. Glycol acid can also be seen in sugar cane, sugar beets, pineapples and grapes. However, vinegar scores high in glycol acid. Moreover, vinegar has a high acidity content that can greatly exfoliate skin while maintaining the skin’s natural acidic nature.

2. A good combination is apple cider and vinegar. Another good combination is apple cider, lemon juice or lime and baking soda. Apple cider, lemon and lime are known to deeply exfoliate skin while baking soda neutralizes the action of the other ingredients. Each of these ingredients complements each other and most have essential acids that can all contribute to lighten skin.

3. Can vinegar lighten skin? Although all of the ingredients stated might stink, but the effects are staggering. Moreover, it is a natural and safe method compared to bleach and other artificial products that may even harm your skin. Natural is the way to go to minimize any side effects possible.

4. For quick application simply combine ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda. Apply to skin. Simply leave for 30 minutes. Results can be seen in as early as a few weeks to a few months.

5. In terms of budget, vinegar is cheap compared to topical medications, bleach, and even aesthetic procedures. Vinegar helps restore the natural acidity of the skin and improve its general condition. Vinegar treats skin problems such as flaking, dryness, itching and even remove acne. When it comes to the treatment of acne, make a paste of honey, wheat flour and top off with vinegar. Use the mixture to cover acne and pimples. Keep paste on face overnight and rinse with water in the morning. Vinegar’s acidic nature exfoliates and prevents further bacterial growth while honey’s moisturizing powers keep skin smooth and soft.

6. Can vinegar lighten skin? In terms of age spots, vinegar can remove such skin conditions. Try vinegar mixed with onion juice to reduce age spots. Simply mix equal parts of onion juice and vinegar then dab into affected areas. Use daily until results are visible. Results can be seen in as early as several weeks to a few months of dedicated application.

7. What about skin irritations? Vinegar also offers a quick solution for such problems. In case of general itchiness such as that of dermatitis or allergic reaction, add apple cider vinegar to a bathtub of lukewarm or warm water. Soak body in tub for about 15 minutes. Vinegar’s high acid content can greatly improve skin condition. Moreover, it can improve skin integrity and helps it become impervious to bacteria.

8. There are also a lot of ways to apply vinegar to skin. Vinegar application is not just limited to dabbing and topical application. Vinegar can be used after a shave, simply splash vinegar to face to keep skin soft and supple.

9. Can vinegar lighten skin? Vinegar can also be used as a good toner and cleanser. Use a mixture of half vinegar and half water to clean and exfoliate your face. Then rinse with vinegar diluted by a copious amount of water.

10. Not only is vinegar good for dark skin but it can also do good for oily skin. To do this, simply combine half apple cider and half water. The mixture yields a strong astringent to wipe out impurities and excess oil. Moreover, you can also freeze the mixture into ice cubes and make it into a cooling facial during hot and humid summer days. With vinegars’ high acidic content and exfoliating effects, vinegar can lighten skin in as little as a few weeks. Now, can vinegar lighten skin? Yes, it definitely does.

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