Does Lemon Juice Really Lighten Your Skin? 10 Important Facts

does-lemon-juice-really-lighten-your-skinLemon juice for skin bleaching? Can it really make your complexion lighter? Here are ten facts!

Does lemon juice really lighten your skin? Imagine a hot and humid summer day. You are sweating profusely and a soothing refreshment is a frequent demand. Moreover, fruit juice and fruit shake are also a must. Moreover, the summer heat cannot only affect the state of your body on the inside, it can also affect the state of your body on the outside. The sun’s harmful rays can darken skin. Sometimes, too much sun can even cause painful blisters and extreme sunburn. Having more than enough of a certain thing is not good, especially with the weather these days. Thus, it is important to take care of your skin. To add, if you have fallen asleep while sunbathing and woke up with an imaginably freaky tan, there are always ways to lighten up an overcooked bod. Furthermore, the lemon juice right beside can actually do wonders in lightening your burned skin. Does lemon juice really lighten your skin? Here are 10 important facts you need to know.

1. What is lemon juice? What is lemon? Does lemon juice really lighten your skin? Lemon is a yellow – or sometimes green – citrus fruit. It has a thick fragrant rind with a sour flesh on the inside.

2. Does lemon juice really lighten your skin? For most users of it, the results are positive. When it comes to natural remedies, lemon juice is effective in lightening complexion. It is said that lemon juice’s acid content can eat through enamel but it is safe – yet potent – enough to dig deep into the pores yet gentle enough not to cause any irritation. Of course, frequency and timing is the key.

3. For quick lemon treatment – which you can do at home. Simply purchase a lemon. Cut it in half, remove the seeds and squeeze the juice into a container of your favourite cleanser. Scrub cleansers are good because it can help in removing dead skin cells that lemon juice can soften. The combination can increase the exfoliation rate.

4. Apply the mixture onto face. Massage and move your fingers in a circular motion. Concentrate on the cheek and nose areas. Such areas have the highest concentration of blackheads, whiteheads and impurities. Moreover, the areas mentioned have usually larger pores compared to the other areas in the body. Lemon juice is potent enough to penetrate through such pores and clean up the area of dirt and pimple causing bacteria.

5. However, it is extremely important to minimize the use of lemon juice. The skin has a regulated pH to maintain and frequent use of lemon juice can decrease the skin pH’s to intolerable levels which can irritate the skin. Remember the fact that lemon can eat through enamel. Thus minimize the use to three times a week instead of everyday.

6. Does lemon juice really lighten your skin? Lemon juice can be drying sometimes. This is due to its citrus acid content that can sometimes dry up the skin. Follow up with a good SPF sunscreen or better yet a good sunblock. There is a huge difference between sunscreen and sunblock. Sunscreen simply shields the skin from UV rays but sunblock completely blocks any interaction the skin has with the sun. Look for sunblock with an SPF higher than your usual sunblock.

7. Moisturize your skin. Does lemon juice really lighten your skin? As mentioned, lemon juice can be drying to your skin. Follow up with a good moisturizer to preserve the natural oils in your skin.

8. When it comes to darker areas such as freckles, scars, hyperpigmentation lines, lemon juice can remove it too. There are certain areas in the body like in the folds of skin – such as armpit, neck, back of knees, elbows – that are a shade darker compared to the natural color. Such areas are seldom exposed to the sun. How come they’re darker?

9. According to researchers this is due to friction, excessive accumulation of moisture, plucking as in the case of armpits, application of irritating chemicals like deodorants and a variety of factors as well. Neck areas – such as in obese people – are dark because of fat content in the area. Genetics also play a part. To solve such problems simply cut a lemon in half and rub it into affected areas. Saturate the area while massaging it a bit to remove dead skin cells. Leave dry for a while until juice is dry then wash off with lukewarm water.

10. Lemon juice has a high acid content. This acid helps in exfoliating the skin while increasing cell turnover. In time, lemon juice helps fade dark skin away. Now, does lemon juice really lighten your skin? It is nature’s aesthetic miracle.

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