Is Lemon Good For Skin Lightening? 10 Important Facts

Many people say that lemon is effective for skin whitening. Know if it is really good or bad for skin lightening. Here are then facts.

is-lemon-really-good-for-skin-whiteningIs lemon good for skin lightening? What is it in citrus that can lighten skin? Users of it have testified of the remarkable effects that lemon can give. Not only is it a good appendage to soothing refreshments but it can also be an aesthetic addition to a daily regimen. Here are 10 important facts you need to know about the question: is lemon good for skin lightening?

1. According to research, lemon has the ability to eat through enamel. So, how can one be sure that it won’t eat through the epidermal layer? Is lemon good for skin lightening? The answer is a definite yes.

2. What is in lemon that can lighten the colour of skin? Lemon is a citrus fruit. Lemon juice has about 5% to 6% citric acid. Typically, lemon is a medicinal fruit, its oil regularly used in aromatherapy, and its low pH makes it a potent antibacterial. How can it contribute to lighten skin? Citric acid is a good antiseptic. Moreover, its low pH helps in the prevention of bacteria in the skin.

3. Although the advantages can be promising but there are still minor problems when it comes to using lemon. Lemon treated skin is more sensitive to sunlight. The citric acid helps remove dead skin cells and reveals new ones. New skin cells don’t have the enough melanin to shield itself against UV rays. This, in turn, makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight. The remedy to this is to apply a generous amount of sunscreen when unavoidable trips to the beach are necessary.

is-lemon-really-good-for-skin-whitening-enzyme4. Another problem when using lemon is that it can sometimes sap out oil from the skin. The sebaceous glands, when exposed to the acidic nature of citric acid, revert into a non-active state. Lemon, on the other hand, can also be a good remedy to oily skin. However, if lemon dries your skin, you can always use a good moisturizer to bring moisture back.

5. Is lemon good for skin lightening? To start with the regimen, simply slice a lemon in half. Take one half of it and squeeze the juice into your favorite cleanser. This may add more acidic pH to your cleanser but the effects are fast. To optimize its action in removing dead skin cells, use a scrub cleanser.

6. For best results, massage cleanser with lemon drops on to face. Lather and massage in a circular motion. Be careful to avoid the eyes, since lemon is highly acidic and can be extremely irritating. Rinse with lukewarm water thereafter. Moreover, use sparingly. Use at least 3 times a week.

7. After cleansing your face with cleanser and lemon juice, follow up with a moisturizer and high SPF sunscreen. Sunscreen is very important since new skin cells have less melanin and the high acidic nature of lemon makes skin sensitive to the sun. Is lemon good for skin lightening? Yes, however be careful. What can the worst scenario be if your stay out in the sun without sunscreen? You can develop dark spots and discoloration.

8. What is the degree of skin lightening? Is lemon good for skin lightening? Lemons can lighten skin in as little as a week. With prolonged use, skin can go lighter until desired. Simply remember to follow up with a good sunscreen.

9. Moreover, if you have evident dark spots and want to correct it detail by detail, simply slice a lemon into half and rub a slice directly on to the affected area. When it comes to freckles and blemishes, lemon is also a good and effective remedy. After rubbing, simply leave skin until dry then wash off with lukewarm water. The method might sting a bit but it is the power of exfoliation at work. You can expect results in as little as a week.

10. Lastly, for those who want optimum effects, lemon can be used as bleach. Simply remember the key ingredients to use in making bleach. Don’t invest much in bleach rather in ingredients that can help moisturize skin. The bad part about bleach formulas high in bleach is that is can cause dry skin – which can sometimes lead to dermatitis and serious skin diseases. Dry skin can cause breakages in the epidermal layer and can pave way for bacterial invasion. For lemon bleach, simply remember to add yoghurt, egg white, milk, honey, castor oil and such ingredients that can counteract the drying properties of bleach. Balance is all. Now, is lemon good for skin lightening? It definitely is.

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