Is Bleaching Good For Oily Skin? 10 Important Facts

Is Bleaching Good For Oily Skin? 10 Important Facts

is-bleaching-okay-or-bad-for-oily-skinDo you have a very oily skin and want to whiten your skin using bleaching creams? Know if it is good or bad for your skin type.

Is bleaching good for oily skin? When you’re desperate about the color of your skin, it pays to look for information first. Are there any contraindications to bleaching oily skin? What are the components of bleach? Are there any possible ingredients that may harm the skin? These are just some questions that need to be answered. Is bleaching good for oily skin? Here are 10 important facts you need to know.

1. The most important information you need to know is that bleaching won’t help oily skin. Rather, bleaching can damage your skin – even burn it. Bleaching can leave your skin red, sore and raw.

is-bleaching-okay-or-bad-for-oily-skin-cleanser2. Is bleaching good for oily skin? Other than bleaching, there are many ways to lessen the secretion of oil from pores. Use a good cleanser. There are specific cleansers in the market nowadays that help combat oil. You can apply a good cleanser religiously at a recommended number – one in the morning and one in the evening.

3. Apart from cleansers, there are also DIY ways to help lessen the glistening shine on your forehead. Use powder foundation than liquid foundation. If you use the latter than the former, your worst case scenario would be a totally messed up make up – drenched in oil.

4. Use oil blotting paper. This might not completely cure your condition but you can intermittently use it to remove oil from your face.

5. Is bleaching good for oily skin? Why is bleaching contraindicated for oily skin? Oily skin is essentially sensitive. Most people, especially during their adolescent years, have overactive sebaceous glands underneath the skin that secrete oil. This is normal during puberty stage because of unavoidable hormonal imbalance. The oil will gradually disappear together with the phase but when you’re 25 and still suffering from the condition, then you might need to do advance steps.

6. Never ever use bleach to stop oil. Is bleaching good for oily skin? No. Why? Most people use bleach to stop oil because of bleach’s drying properties. However, your body produces substances in line of your needs. Your pores might produce excessive oil because your skin is sensitive. Drying it would worsen the case. Excessively dry skin can lead to bacterial invasion, hypersensitivity, and even to dermatological conditions such as dermatitis.

7. If you’re undeniably desperate and want to stop oil, there are numerous of ways. If you’re skeptic about using beauty products then you can utilize natural ingredients in making your own facial scrub. Try this quick formula: besan flour and green gram flour. Moreover, you can utilize an even broader collection of ingredients such as besan flour, green gram flour, turmeric powder and sandal powder. All of these ingredients are available in the market and it won’t cost you much to buy minute amounts of these. Add in milk and water. Mix all the ingredients and apply on to face. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes then you’re done. Rinse with lukewarm water while massaging it in a circular motion.

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8. Another natural way is to use banana paste. Although it might sound odd but bananas have moisturizing effects on the skin. Simply mash a banana and apply on to face. Leave for 15 minutes then rinse with cold water. A more promising combination would be banana paste, honey and curd. This combination can also be used as a deep penetrating facial mask that can leave skin moisturize yet oil free.

9. What can bleach do? Is bleaching good for oily skin? Most users of bleach swear against it. Some say, according to their own experience, that bleach can darken skin. This is true. Regular irritation can also create dark spots and larger pores. The primary action of bleach is to strip away excessive oil, and along with it, essential oils of the epidermal layer. Moreover, this would only make matters worse. When the skin is stripped of oil, the body compensates, releasing an even more quantity of oil. The result is a more oily skin than before.

10. Apart from basic methods and natural ingredients, there are also other ways to get rid of oily skin. Less frequent washing with an oil control facial scrub is important. Moreover, refrain from activities that increase the production of sebaceous glands. Refrain from staying out in the heat, eat foods that are high in fat and increase fluid intake. The ways are just endless. Is bleaching good for your skin? There are endless alternatives.

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