Does Papaya Soap Really Lighten Skin? 10 Surprising Facts!

does-papaya-soap-really-lighten-skinCan papaya soap really whiten your skin? How does this soap make your skin lighter? Here are ten facts.

Does papaya soap really lighten skin? Imagine sitting on the couch patiently waiting for your favorite soap opera on television. With the advertisements flashing for around 10 minutes or so, it starts to annoy you. Before you know it, soaps, detergents, call plans, fast food chicken, and everything else has plagued your mind. When it comes to soap, why use papaya? Whitening soaps are usually related to papaya. Moreover, according to the ads in TV, papaya soap is a good whitening soap – available in different brands. There are numerous of whitening products in the market nowadays. Some use kojic formula, some use conventional methods like bleaching, and some use citrus fruits as an exfoliant.

Does papaya soap really lighten skin? What are the components in papaya that help whiten skin? Lemons used to be number one in the world of whitening. However, when the whitening effect of papaya was discovered, lemon simply became a less popular product. What is it in papaya then? Lemons have potent antioxidant and special exfoliating properties. Papaya doesn’t come close to that but why is it a fad nowadays? Here are 10 important facts you need to know.

1. What exactly is papaya? Papaya is an evergreen fruit bearing tree. It has a yellow pulp with numerous of seeds. It can be eaten fresh or added in salads and various deserts. Does papaya soap really lighten skin? When it comes to converting fruit to a whitening product, papaya soap is a competent product.

2. What is papaya soap? Papaya soap is a cleansing agent made from papaya fruit and papaya extracts. It is made to specifically clean skin and whiten it. Most manufacturers boast papaya soap to be an effective whitening agent. Papaya soap has been circulating in the market and most users testify that papaya soap is indeed a good whitening agent.

3. Does papaya soap really lighten skin? Yes and one reason is papaya’s exfoliation properties. Papaya has a certain enzyme known as “papain” or “papaya proteinase” that can break down certain proteins in the skin. As the name says it, it breaks down dead skin cells and removes it from the surface of the skin revealing new healthier skin cells.

4. Next reason for the question, “does papaya soap really lighten skin“is papayas skin softening properties. Papaya soap, regardless of the brand, can greatly soften and smoothen the texture of skin.

5. Moreover, manufacturers of papaya soap add in effective emollients such as palm oil and cocoa oil to moisturize the dermal layers. As the papain content in papaya soap remove dead skin cells from the epidermal layer, emollients together with papaya soften the new layer fortifying it with nutrients.

6. How about dark spots? What can papaya soap do to scars? Although you wash your face evenly with papaya soap, certain chemicals in it are sensitive to uneven skin tone. Papain, with its unique abilities, can detect scars, dark spots and remove it easily. How can it detect dark spots? Dark spots usually have a different kind of texture. Skin on dark spots have rough skin which can be easily softened by the papain content in papaya soap.

7. How about freckles? Like dark spots, papain in papaya soap can detect the different texture of skin freckles and exfoliates it revealing fresher, blemish free skin.

8. Is it okay to use papaya soap? Does papaya soap really lighten skin? Unlike bleaching agents, papaya soap is perfectly safe without any contraindications. One can use papaya soap without any fear of skin dryness, roughness or any adverse effects of usual whitening products such as bleach.

9. How often can papaya soap be used? Again, unlike bleach, papaya soap can be used as necessary without contraindication to time. One can use papaya soap anytime. The effects are staggering, blemishes and dark spots are easy to remove and new skin is always available and fortified at the bottom. When it comes to the perfect whitening solution, papaya soap is the good way to go.

10. Another advantage of using papaya soap is that it is all natural although some brands might use synthetic ingredients in its processing. Papaya soap is all natural made by, of course, papaya. Apart from being a good delicacy, papaya is a good cosmetic product. Now, does papaya soap really lighten skin? It definitely does.

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