Does Milk Realliy Lighten Skin? 10 Surprising Facts!

Can milk really whiten skin? Does it work? Here are ten facts about using milk for skin lightening.

Does milk really lighten skin? When it comes to luxury, bathing in milk can have health benefits – especially to the skin. Imagine heiresses and princesses rumored to bathe in milk. Cleopatra was one. These people were known to be leaders in beauty. Elite people in the modern world also have the luxury to enjoy such privileges. However, if you’re tight in your budget and purchasing gallons of milk to satisfy an aesthetic goal is not necessarily practical, then searching the internet for alternative ways is good. Does milk really lighten skin? What are the components in milk? How can it lighten skin? This dairy product is made through complex procedures and is basically produced through the mammary glands of cows, goats and other animals. How can it be good? Here are 10 important facts you need to know about the question: does milk really lighten skin?

1. What is milk? Of course, from birth to growth, milk is an essential part of daily life. Infants need milk to obtain active immunization with milk’s immunoglobulin. Furthermore, women after menopause need milk, it is important to supply their body with enough calcium to prevent osteoporosis in response to hormonal imbalances. Old age, moreover, need milk to improve bone density. All in all, people of all ages need milk. It is a substance produced naturally by female mammals.

2. Milk is a nutritious fluid produced by mammals, specifically female mammals. Milk is rich in protein, fats, lactose, vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients in sustaining growth and functioning. It is a dairy product used in the production of cheese and butter. However, in the world of beauty and aesthetics, does milk really lighten skin?

3. Does milk really lighten skin? When applied topically, milk’s lactic acid works in brilliant ways. Lactic acid, with its low pH, can help lighten skin in as little as a few weeks to a few months with dedicated application. Most users testify that milk can lighten skin in just 3 weeks. Users of milk have mentioned that their skin lightened half its original shade with constant use of milk. Is this method expensive? No, it isn’t. You don’t have to purchase gallons of milk for this matter. All you need is a cup of milk.

4. The recommended application for first time users is daily application. However, after a few weeks when expected shade is achieved, milk can be lessened to twice a week. Why? This is to maintain milk’s effect in the skin. Milk must be topically applied even after the desired complexion is achieved.

5. What is the procedure? It is easy compared to complicated bleaching formulas. Simply purchase milk in a container. Any type of milk is okay. You may choose from cow’s milk to goat’s milk. However, it is said that buttermilk offers more promising results. Pour milk into a bowl, then microwave for 30 seconds.

6. Why is buttermilk better than conventional cow’s milk? Buttermilk is proven to not only lighten but soften skin. Buttermilk is better according to “1,001 Home Remedies and Natural Cures: From Your Kitchen and Garden”.

7. After microwave, obtain a clean washcloth and soak it in milk. Wring out any excess. Washcloth should be saturated but not dripping in milk, of course.

8. Place washcloth onto face. Massage the milk into skin. Remember to wash your face first before milk application. Skin should be clean and dry to allow milk to penetrate deep into the skin cells. After the washcloth dries, simply soak it again and repeat the steps mentioned.

9. Does milk really lighten skin? When is a good time to do the procedure? Application is done best after a warm shower especially when the pores are clean and open. Leave application for about 15 minutes or until dry before applying lotion or perfume. Simply repeat the procedure daily until desired results are achieved. After that, you may slow down the application to twice a week or as necessary.

10. Remember to take care of your skin. Don’t stay out in the sun for too long and put on sunscreen if necessary. Avoid using harsh chemicals or concentrated bleach. Use a reliable facial scrub to clean skin pores. All in all, use milk as necessary to lighten skin and smoothen its texture. Now, does milk really lighten skin? It definitely does.

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