10 Best Over The Counter Bleaching Cream for Skin


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What is the best over the counter bleaching cream for skin? By saying over-the-counter, it would mean products not needing a prescription to be purchased. Most bleaching creams can be purchased over the counter. However, there are certain products with sophisticated – and even harmful – ingredients which doctors only prescribe for those needing it badly. Bleaching creams usually employ hydroquinone, bleach, steroids and other harmful ingredients. Nowadays, however, research has found out that products with such ingredients cause more damage than good. With the rapid innovation, here comes the league of best over the counter skin lightening cream. When it comes to the best bleach cream for skin, here is the best over the counter bleaching cream for skin.

On tenth is A3 Triple Action with vitamin C. The product is known to lighten skin and fade dark spots and other pigmentations.

On number nine is Porcelana, the skin discoloration authority. The product contains antioxidants, sunscreen and other ingredients concentrated to lighten skin effectively. Porcelana is recommended by dermatologists.

On eighth is Ginsium-C Skin Lightening Crème. The product is known to fade age spots naturally and is suitable for all skin types. It does not have bleach, colorings, or hydroquinone. The product is also known to reduce the signs of skin aging and is effective on 95% of the people who used Ginsium –C.

On number seven is Topiclear Number One Classic Skin Lightening Cream. Topiclear contains natural ingredients and antioxidants with a hint of hydroquinone. Although hydroquinone is known to cause harm but the cream greatly reduces dark spots as well as other tough to remove pigmentations.

On sixth in the best over the counter bleaching cream for skin is Clark’s Botanicals Skin Lightening Kojic Cream. The product’s active ingredient is kojic acid, a potent skin lightener. Moreover, it has jasmine absolute and bearberry extract to heighten the effects.

On number five is Li Skin Lightening Crème which contains valuable medicinal ingredients found in the Compendium of Materia Medica. The product has a long lasting effect and causes a smooth and gradual skin whitening.

Number four is Neostrata Bionic Skin Lightening Cream with the ability to remove age spots and other discolorations in the skin. It can remove sun spots, freckles, age spots, liver spots and many more.

On third is Shiseido Bio Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Whitening Formula. This Japanese product has an array of effective and all natural ingredients to optimize results. Shiseido has spot deacti-complex which brightens skin and super bio-hyaluronic acid that moisturizes skin.

On number two in the best over the counter bleaching cream for skin is Nur76 Skin Lightening Cream which is actually the number one product of United Kingdom. It comes in a form of a cream as well as serum.

On number one will always be Meladerm Four –Piece Kit complete with a skin bleaching cream, facial cleanser, toner and a microdermabrasion cloth. Results can be seen in as little as two weeks, according to most users. Moreover, Meladerm is the safest bleaching cream to use. Its ingredients include Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Mulberry Extract, Bearberry Extract, Licorice Extract and Lemon Juice Extract. The product is all natural with no known side effects, no hydroquinone, and works well with pigmentations, liver spots, freckles, dark spots, chloasma, sun spots, acne scars, birthmarks, and many more. Meladerm causes a general skin lightening using all natural methods. Meladerm will always be the best over the counter bleaching cream for skin.


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