Can Almond Oil Lighten Skin? Top 10 Important Facts


Almond OIl

Can almond oil lighten skin? Almond is not just the nut you find in most tasty chocolate treats. Almond goes beyond that. Surprisingly, almond is not just a palatable delicacy, it also possesses skin benefits. Over the years, it has been proven that almond oil can tame frizz, fly away hair and split ends. Moreover, it can also fix breakouts, blemishes and lighten skin. Want to know the godly secrets on how to lighten skin naturally? What is almond oil for skin and what can it do to whiten pigmentations? Are there any other ways to lighten skin? Here are ten important facts you need to know about the question: can almond oil lighten skin?

1. Almond, for starters, is an edible oval nut. Almond oil, meanwhile, is the oil derived from it. The oil is also known as Sweet Almond Oil, a pale yellow lubricant used as regular oil in massage and aromatherapy sessions. It is regularly used as base oil for massage; it can also be blended with other carrier oils and essential oils.

2. Almond oil is different from bitter almond essential oil. Bitter almond, according to the Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless, contains an alarming amount of poison cyanide and should not be used in therapy or in any way.

3. There’s no contraindication to using almond oil, unless you’re specifically allergic to almonds. Nevertheless, almond oil is safe for all skin types, sensitive or not. Almond oil works best as a good moisturizer without the greasy feel.

4. When it comes to moisturizing, almond oil is a pro. The primary therapeutic effect of almond oil is to moisturize skin and get rid of dryness and flaking, especially in elbows, knees and heels. Although the oil might go rancid immediately, blend the oil with an effective antioxidant oil such as vitamin E.

5. Can almond oil lighten skin? When it comes to lightening skin especially in terms of dark circles under the eyes, almond oil is dependable. Simply mix a few drops of the oil with a few drops of raw honey and massage onto dark circles before bedtime. Massage gently since the skin under the eyes easily stretch.

6. Can almond oil lighten skin? When you need to lighten your skin tone, you first need to get rid of dead skin cells to increase cellular turnover. Moreover, this means exfoliation. Almond oil, if not the best, is one of the best base oils there is. The oil works out as an excellent sugar scrub that would definitely remove unwanted dull skin cells and, in the process, lighten skin.

Almond Oil, Certified Organic, 8.5 oz, Flora Health – $26.39

7. To make sugar scrub with almond oil, simply combine half a cup of sugar with one to two tablespoons of almond oil. Apply to skin thereafter. You might want to do this in the shower since it might go messy. Rub with gentle force until skin feels smooth. Rub gently on your face though. The skin on your face easily stretches with mild tension. Rinse thoroughly thereafter.

8. Since your face may tend to stretch and cause wrinkles, use almond oil as a tightening mask. After cleansing face, apply a light coating of almond oil onto face until it dries like a mask. Reapply as necessary.

9. In terms of relieving skin from irritation, such as inflammation, sunburn, eczema, psoriasis and other bacterial invasion, simply mix two tablespoons of almond oil, two drops vitamin E, five drops of German chamomile, and five drops of Lavender. Apply generously and at several times a day until irritation calms down.

10. Almond oil is indeed an essential oil with soothing effects on skin. When it comes to the question: “can almond oil lighten skin?” the answer is indeed yes.

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Top 10: What is The Best Skin Bleaching Cream for African American Skin?


Are you an African American woman who want to effectively lighten your skin? Here is the best skin bleaching cream for you.

What is the best skin bleaching cream for African American skin? African American skin, unlike its pure American counterpart, is obviously different. Moreover, there are corresponding strengths and weaknesses in regards to the two skin types – Asian, in the meantime, is also different. Take texture for example, African American skin seldom gets breakouts, zits, and inflammation. Meanwhile, Caucasian skin is prone to irritation. African American skin can withstand skin irritants while Caucasian skin is sensitive. Caucasians are often at risk of skin cancer while African American skin can withstand intense UV rays. Why the major difference? It is purely because of one simple factor, melanin.

If you have African American skin and want to lighten it a bit, you can avail of the best skin whitening products. You can search online and offline for the most effective bleaching cream. Moreover, here are the answers when it comes to the question: what is the best skin bleaching cream for African American skin?

Murad Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Gel lands at number ten. The product has won the trust of users through fast and effective results. Murad works as a good exfoliant. It removes dead skin cells and stimulates cellular turnover thus causing rapid change in color.

On number nine is Xtend Life Skin Lightening. It works as an anti-aging cream and lightens dark skin in as little as 30 days.

On eights place is South Beach Skin Bleaching Cream – without bleach, in fact. The product does not have parabens or other harmful ingredients. Moreover, results can be seen in as little as 3 weeks.

On number seven is Makari Caviar Face Lightening Cream. This product is specifically – as well as rampantly – recommended for African American skin. Makari is a world renowned maker of ethnic products and its products are approved by FDA to be 100% safe. Makari has caviar, aloe vera and vitamin C.

Dermology Skin Brightener lands at number six. This product is a proud member of the National Products Association and boasts to remove dark spots as well as to even out skin tone and lighten overall color.

What is the best skin bleaching cream for African American skin? On number five, on the other hand, is Clinicians Complex 6% Skin Bleaching Cream. Although the product might contain hydroquinone but it has kojic acid to counteract and procure optimum results.

On fourth is Skin Bright Skin Brightener that claims to be all natural and does not have hydroquinone or any other harmful chemical that most bleaching creams employ.

On number three is Vikki Lamotta Perfect Skin Lightener. The product is hypoallergenic – which can be used by those with extremely sensitive skin. Moreover, the product is all natural. The product contains primary ingredient alpha arbutin and promises visible results in as little as 2 weeks.

One second place is Revitol Skin Brightener Cream. The product employs the actions of natural skin lightening ingredients plus antioxidants to easily remove clogged up free radicals in the cells.

When it comes to the question: what is the best skin bleaching cream for African American skin? The number one answer is Meladerm Skin Lightener. Results can be seen in only 14 whopping days. Meladerm can also remove tough pigmentations such as liver spots, age spots, acne scars, birthmarks, pregnancy pigmentations, melasma, freckles and a lot more. To add, Meladerm is all natural. It is made from kojic acid, alpha arbutin, fruit extracts and lemon juice extract to optimize results in a small period of time. Meladerm is under Civant Skin Care which has been known as the leader in skin aesthetics. What is the best skin bleaching cream for African American skin? Meladerm is.

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Can Olive Oil Lighten Skin? Top 10 Important Facts

Almond Oil For Skin LighteningCan olive oil lighten skin? Imagine holding an expensive bottle of Extra Virgene de Oliva. Not only is it excellent for frying but is also a good appendage to salad au naturelle. However, in the world of aesthetics and beauty, it also has its own beneficial perks. Olive oil, unlike any other type of oil, contains nutrients and vitamins that provides skin of its needed nutrition. What is the magic of olive oil for skin? How to lighten skin using the said product? Could there be a homemade skin whitening cream or mask made of olive oil? When it comes to olive oil for skin whitening, here are ten important facts pertaining to the question: can olive oil lighten skin?

1. What is olive oil? No it is not a fictional character we see on the Popeye show but it is as essential as Olive Oyle is to Popeye. Olive oil is monounsaturated oil extracted from olives. Olives, for starters, is a small oval-shaped bitter fruit found in the Mediterranean areas of the globe.

2. Olive oil, throughout the ages, has been popularly used as salad dressing due to its distinctive flavour. Moreover, the said oil has also been used in the manufacture of soap and cosmetics – from concealers to make up foundation.

3. The most important thing to know about olive oil is that you can do many things with it – especially when it comes to skin aesthetics. Olive oil itself is a natural wonder. It is beneficial for the body inside and out.

4. Make yourself a homemade facial wash. The procedure is painstakingly simple. Simply dab a small amount of extra virgin olive oil and massage onto wet skin. Rub in circular motion. You will notice that whiteheads and blackheads – with consistent rubbing – are being pushed out of the pores. Wash with glycerine soap thereafter for a supple finish.

5. Rid yourself of oily skin and nasty breakouts. Olive oil has antimicrobial properties. Simply dab the product onto face and it will immediately absorb unwanted oil and sebum – skin’s natural products that usually cause zits to appear.

6. From oily skin to dry skin, olive oil is the answer. You can also use olive oil as a hydrating moisturizer. The oil has a component known as squalene, a natural skin moisturizer and regulator of the skin’s production of essential oil.

7. When it comes to the question: can olive oil lighten skin? You can mix olive oil with lemon juice and use it as a moisturizing cream to lighten skin. You can also add in a mixture of Italian parsley for added hydrating and whitening power.

8. Olive oil whitens skin through exfoliation. Add in a pinch of sea salt and use as regular facial scrub. Rub gently to remove dead skin cells, excess oil, blackheads, whiteheads, and dirt. Wash with glycerine soap thereafter. Exfoliation increases cellular turnover thus whitening skin.

9. Cleanse skin of oxidative stress. Skin cells find it hard to repair and regenerate when there’s too much free radicals blocking normal cellular activity. When this happens, skin cells turn dull and becomes darkened – you begin to look old and dark. Stop this by applying olive oil to skin. You can also stop UV rays from harming your skin. Can olive oil lighten skin? With effective antioxidants, it definitely can.

10. Olive oil is an excellent antioxidant. It has multivitamin components such as vitamin A, E, polyphenols, phytosterols and avenasterols. It is hypoallergenic and can be used by any skin type. It also has antioxidants that cleanse the skin of the harmful effects of pollutions, radiation, smoke, alcohol and UV rays. Expect a supple, softer, lighter, cleaner and younger skin with extra virgene de olive. Can olive oil lighten skin? No doubt about it.

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10 Best Over The Counter Bleaching Cream for Skin


Skin Bleaching

What is the best over the counter bleaching cream for skin? By saying over-the-counter, it would mean products not needing a prescription to be purchased. Most bleaching creams can be purchased over the counter. However, there are certain products with sophisticated – and even harmful – ingredients which doctors only prescribe for those needing it badly. Bleaching creams usually employ hydroquinone, bleach, steroids and other harmful ingredients. Nowadays, however, research has found out that products with such ingredients cause more damage than good. With the rapid innovation, here comes the league of best over the counter skin lightening cream. When it comes to the best bleach cream for skin, here is the best over the counter bleaching cream for skin.

On tenth is A3 Triple Action with vitamin C. The product is known to lighten skin and fade dark spots and other pigmentations.

On number nine is Porcelana, the skin discoloration authority. The product contains antioxidants, sunscreen and other ingredients concentrated to lighten skin effectively. Porcelana is recommended by dermatologists.

On eighth is Ginsium-C Skin Lightening Crème. The product is known to fade age spots naturally and is suitable for all skin types. It does not have bleach, colorings, or hydroquinone. The product is also known to reduce the signs of skin aging and is effective on 95% of the people who used Ginsium –C.

On number seven is Topiclear Number One Classic Skin Lightening Cream. Topiclear contains natural ingredients and antioxidants with a hint of hydroquinone. Although hydroquinone is known to cause harm but the cream greatly reduces dark spots as well as other tough to remove pigmentations.

On sixth in the best over the counter bleaching cream for skin is Clark’s Botanicals Skin Lightening Kojic Cream. The product’s active ingredient is kojic acid, a potent skin lightener. Moreover, it has jasmine absolute and bearberry extract to heighten the effects.

On number five is Li Skin Lightening Crème which contains valuable medicinal ingredients found in the Compendium of Materia Medica. The product has a long lasting effect and causes a smooth and gradual skin whitening.

Number four is Neostrata Bionic Skin Lightening Cream with the ability to remove age spots and other discolorations in the skin. It can remove sun spots, freckles, age spots, liver spots and many more.

On third is Shiseido Bio Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Whitening Formula. This Japanese product has an array of effective and all natural ingredients to optimize results. Shiseido has spot deacti-complex which brightens skin and super bio-hyaluronic acid that moisturizes skin.

On number two in the best over the counter bleaching cream for skin is Nur76 Skin Lightening Cream which is actually the number one product of United Kingdom. It comes in a form of a cream as well as serum.

On number one will always be Meladerm Four –Piece Kit complete with a skin bleaching cream, facial cleanser, toner and a microdermabrasion cloth. Results can be seen in as little as two weeks, according to most users. Moreover, Meladerm is the safest bleaching cream to use. Its ingredients include Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Mulberry Extract, Bearberry Extract, Licorice Extract and Lemon Juice Extract. The product is all natural with no known side effects, no hydroquinone, and works well with pigmentations, liver spots, freckles, dark spots, chloasma, sun spots, acne scars, birthmarks, and many more. Meladerm causes a general skin lightening using all natural methods. Meladerm will always be the best over the counter bleaching cream for skin.

10 Best Skin Bleaching Cream for Dark Spots


Flawless Face (without dark spots)

What brand could be the best skin bleaching cream for dark spots? How are dark spots acquired? Essentially, there are many ways to acquire dark spots. Dark spots may be birthmarks, acne scars, melasma spots, sun damaged spots, liver spots, age spots and many more. Such spots are hard to remove, even after rigorous exfoliation. How did the pigmentation come to existence? It would be due to the body’s rapid firing of melanin, a compound known to give the skin a dark brown pigment. Dark spots have concentrated melanin underneath the epidermal layer and best skin whitening products are just the things needed to counteract melanin’s darkening effects. How to whiten skin? What is a whitening cream for dark spots? For starters, here is the best skin bleaching cream for dark spots – top 10.

On number ten is A3 Triple Action Skin Lightening Cream. A3 Triple Action contains vitamin C, a known antioxidant that can help remove dark spots, freckles, acne scars and other pigmentations. Moreover, it is also known to moisturize skin.

Next in line at number nine is Porcelana Skin Lightening Cream. From the name, the product promises to procure a porcelain-like finish without the feeling of having heavy make-up on. Porcelana claims to be the skin discoloration authority in the world of brightening creams. It contains antioxidants and moisturizers to lighten skin and dark spots.

On eighth place is Ginsium-C Skin Lightener, a skin lightening crème that can fade age spots naturally. The product claims not to have hydroquinone, bleach or any harmful ingredient that can sabotage a skin lightening regimen. Ginsium-C is a natural crème that must be applied day and night. It is proven to be effective in 95% of its users.

On number seven is Topiclear Classic Skin Lightening Cream with sunscreen agent. The product is known to even out skin tone and diminish dark spots and pigmentations. Although it may have hydroquinone, but it also have counteracting ingredients such as antioxidants and natural skin lightening chemicals.

On sixth place is a product of Eastern origins. Kojic has made a reputation in skin aesthetics and is proven to be effective in lightening skin tone. Thus, Clark’s Botanicals Skin-lightening Kojic Cream is another promising addition to the array of lightening creams. It has Jasmine Absolute and Bearberry extract to tone and brighten skin.

On number five in the best skin bleaching cream for dark spots is another of Eastern origins. Li-Skin Lightening Cream nourishes and lightens skin with constant use. It contains chemicals, medicinal ingredients found in the Compendium of Materia Medica which provides a long lasting effect. The product can be used day and night for faster results.

On fourth is Neostrata Bionic Skin Lightening Cream. Although new in the cream industry, but it has been proven effective by most users of the product. It can remove dark spots, sun spots and even hard-to-remove freckles. Pigmentations of pregnancy are also addressed by this product.

On third in the best skin bleaching cream for dark spots is Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Whitening Formula. Shiseido is a product of a Japanese cosmetic company founded in 1872. The key action in Shiseido products is that it rehydrates skin and stimulates the natural healing and lightening process. Shiseido uses a spot deacti-complex to lighten skin tone and super bio-hyaluronic acid to moisturize skin.

On number two is Nur76 Skin Lightening Serum and Cream. Obviously, the product comes in a serum and cream. Nur76 is the leading brand in all of UK and is constantly number one in UK. The product only uses natural plant extracts and is proven effective in lightening skin tone and removing scars, dark spots, pigmentations and the signs of aging.

On number one is the legendary Meladerm for Hyperpigmentation. The product comes in a four-piece kit that includes a skin bleaching cream, toner, cleanser, and a microdermabrasion cloth. Meladerm contains an array of super ingredients that are known to provide effects individually. Ingredients include kojic acid, alpha arbutin, mulberry extract, bearberry extract, licorice extract and lemon juice extract to provide optimum results. Moreover, it does not employ hydroquinone or other harmful ingredients. Meladerm is the best skin bleaching cream for dark spots.