Revlon Colorstay Lipstick Honest Review

Revlon Colorstay Lipstick Honest Review

Revlon Color Stay Lipstick, nevertheless, is a must-have for women. The pink stain can be invitingly charming. The velvety feel can be rich. However, what’s the perks for this product among women? Here is a compilation of what women usually say about Revlon Colorstay.

It can be drying. Most women say that the product is drying to the lips. Some women even admit applying clear gloss on top to let their lips look hydrated a bit. And some women tend to apply petrolatum after removing the product because of its ‘dehydrating’ nature. However, although adding another task in applying lipstick, most women admit they don’t mind. It’s okay for them to apply some hydrating moisturizer or gloss a bit and is completely satisfied with Revlon Colorstay. Some even say that Revlon is two shades warmer for the most. It is two shades brighter for some, two shades warmer for others, two shades pinker, two shades darker, etc. Nevertheless, most are entranced by the lovely colors this lipstick brings. Two shades different is always fine.

Most say it’s perfect for an ‘everyday’ wear. It may not be ‘glam-potential’ or ‘Hollywood-like’ but most women love it because it is a comfortable and easy wear. They admit there’s no need to sparkle or get an eye-snatching look just to go to the grocery. This lipstick is simple, and that’s what women love about it. On the other hand, some women claim that using gloss on top may reduce the transfer resistance of the product. Of course, lip gloss contains oil and it may interfere with whatever lasting compound there is in lipstick. Thus, some women suggest that it is best to let it dry first, before putting on clear gloss.

revlon-colorstay-lipstick-honest-review-tomatoSome women also claim that the product has minimal scent to go with. It has little scent which is gone the moment the product dries. Apparently, most women don’t mind.

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