Hot Oil Treatment for African American Hair: Facts and Tips

Hot Oil Treatment for African American Hair: Facts and Tips

The African American hair is undeniably unique. It has a unique structure and significantly differs from any other hair type. Of all kinds of strands, it is the most brittle, highly fragile, and is terribly prone to injury and damage. Ironically, African Americans love to style their hair. Famous African American hairstyle includes the braid and afro.

Doing artistic hairstyle with scalp-tight braids can likely result to unwanted hair traction alopecia. Moreover, hair extensions can do the same – this happened to supermodel Naomi Campbell, she used to have a bald spot due to traction alopecia when she had to many hair extensions.

Hot oil is a safe way to soften hair. Those with African American hair need to take extra care of their mane. It is too unique to be neglected. When using hot oil treatment, never forget to use special hydrating moisturizers and conditioners. Use shampoos that are specifically intended for African American hair. Don’t use products that contain sulfates or sodium lauryl. Be reminded that shampoos containing sodium lauryl can sap away moisture in your hair. Most of the shampoos nowadays have sodium lauryl and it is intended for normal regular hair. African American hair has special needs and it can only be satisfied with shampoos intended for that type of hair. Moreover, use hair products that only contain natural ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, aloe vera juice, glycerine. In terms of conditioners, use products that have hydrolysed proteins, panthenol, amino acids, and wheat proteins.

hot-oil-treatment-for-african-american-hair-royaleWhen it comes to frequency, hot oil treatment should be used at least twice a month. Hot oil treatment is best to preserve the hair’s elasticity and add moisture. Moreover, relaxers should only be applied by a professional hair stylist to ensure safety and prevent damage. Moreover, touch ups using relaxers should not exceed more than 8 to 12 weeks. Doing so will cause hair breakage and further damage.

Meanwhile, hair ironing should not exceed once a week. Only ceramic combs or irons can be used for African American hair. Be sure that the iron is not too hot and your straightening iron must have a temperature dial to regulate your hair iron.

hot-oil-treatment-for-african-american-hair-peppermintTo add, braids should never be too tight. Same goes for weaves or cornrows. Remember traction alopecia. It is indeed possible in the long run. At the slightest sign of hair thinning, consult a dermatologist immediately to evaluate the texture and appearance of your hair and to treat it as early as possible for alopecia.

Hot Oil Treatment for African American Hair: Facts and Tips

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